The INSPIRE Project


Message from Susan Scribner, March 8. 2021


Hello, All.

It was great to see everyone who participated in our Zoom call a few months ago to discuss an idea for dispersing our collections.  I was delighted you all were receptive to the project of leaving them randomly in public places for people to find with a card of explanation regarding our mission to spread the message of the monkeys throughout the world to create a better world.  The challenge was finding agreement on an attribute/virtue/characteristic exemplified by the Wise Monkeys and their message.


We left that discussion without a specific name for our project and asked that you would all think about it and make suggestions.


Having received no suggestions, I offer you the following as a name for our project/mission. It is actually a two-word name, but I have left the second word for each of you to complete to individualize the project for each of us.

Card for Inspire Mission

The project name is "Inspire ___________"  (Friendship, Kindness, Cooperation, Compassion, Positivity, Respect, Courtesy, Generosity, Patience, can add whatever virtue you would like)


I am attaching copy for a two-sided card to be attached with a ribbon or string to your item.  Note the attachment has 12 different front sides indicating a different virtue.  Of course, you may decide on yet another word.  These are only suggestions.


We could enhance our project by having a Facebook page where folks who find one of our collectibles could post a photo or a message.  Could someone volunteer to set up the Facebook page?  If we do create a Facebook page, we would include that on the card.


Since this is the 20th anniversary of our first Get Together, I am hopeful we can launch this project this year.  Looking forward to reactions, feedback and suggestions.


Monkey Hugs,

Susan "Shayna" Scribner, Ed.D.


Message from Jason McHenry, March 8, 2021


I was unable to join y'all for the Zoom call as it's been more weird than normal here in Texas but it was terrific seeing what was decided. 


A while back I was contacted by the executor of Paul Tripp's estate to come check out his collection and assist with finding a buyer for the whole thing or finding the best way to liquidate everything on a piece by piece basis. It was a monumental task for sure and in being there to navigate the massive number of pieces he'd collected caused me to really consider what the ideal thing to do with our collections might be. Most serious collectors have the more common pieces and there is a very limited market for the less common stuff. And it's almost guaranteed that we'd never get near what we have invested in them. And newer collectors don't want to buy a few hundred at once anyway. [Mostly.] So, yeah, what to do?


For me I have always given away as many as I acquire. If someone is drawn to a certain piece I almost invariably give it to them as a gift. [There are a handful that I won't part with but often that changes over time.] This has always been a huge part of the joy that has come for me in collecting these things. It becomes something special for everyone and it likely sparks others to start collecting them.


One idea I had was to do some sort of exchange/swap with others who were up for it. The more special ones are things that I'd certainly like to see go to places where they'll have a good home. Plus, Monkey Mail is always fun to get and to give!


And, yeah, I can easily create a Facebook Page and/or Group or even some website if that were something everyone wanted to do. I can do the graphic design too. It'd be my pleasure to work on this and if you still need this done let me know. I'd also think that creating an Instagram account for the project would be ideal. Taking photos of the drop locations and posting them might generate some additional interest. Either way I'm glad to help in whatever way I can.


This is me, by the way: 


I hope this finds everyone happy and well and I'll see you around!


-Jason McHenry



Message from Barbara Kryvko, March 8, 2021


Here is the Facebook page that was created after the Zoom call.