Happy 20th Anniversary to the Initial Founders of our Wise Monkeys Collectors Group. It was 20 years ago this weekend that we first got together in St. Louis. Having never met each other and only knowing of one another through our Ebay bidding monikers, about 40 of us, representing 14 US states and 4 countries came together to share our interest in and our collections of our Wise Monkeys fellows.  We've met nearly each of the past 20 years, have formed some remarkable friendships and learned a lot about the history of this fascinating "No Evil" adage that has lived for several centuries.  


Who knew...we'd still be communicating 20 years after our initial meeting?

Who knew...we'd still be collecting these fellows because of some enduring passion?

Who knew...we'd be wrestling with the question "What to do with our collections?"


A few months ago I presented a proposal for distributing our collections and spreading the wisdom of the Wise Monkeys throughout the world.  Bolstered by your reception of my idea, I have been putting together a plan so we can actually make it happen.  Barbara Kryvko has been so gracious in offering her time and expertise to create a Facebook page for us.  I still want to make a few tweaks and will plan to share with in the next couple weeks you how you can participate in this international Wise Monkeys INSPIRE Challenge.  The goal is to help reduce our collections by distributing pieces randomly in our communities with a message that will help spread goodness, kindness and positive energy around the globe.  A great way to utilize our fellows toward a positive mission.


I hope you are all well and will celebrate our special anniversary this weekend by remembering to See No Evil, Hear No Evil and speak No Evil.  In your behavior, actions and words remember to See Beauty, Hear Goodness and Speak Kindly.




Susan "Shayna" Scribner, Ed.D.