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Free Email Newsletter

Our free Newsletter about all what is happening in the world of the three wise monkeys is sent out several times per year. Click here to register. A subscription can be canceled with every issue.

(January 25, 2022)

No Evil Cows

Even no evil cows exist. And more than just a few. More…..

(January 20, 2022)

No evil weathervane

Even most unusual items exist with hear, see and speak no evil monkeys. For example, what about a weathervane? More…..

(January 13, 2022)

(Epiphany January 6) Three Magi Cake

On January 6 (Epiphany) we report about new no evil beans for the traditional Three Magi Cake. To be viewed at the bottom of this page. 10 different models with each the three no evils back to back in one figurine. Also on the same page is a link to an explanation of this custom.

(January 06, 2022)

Picture of the Month – January 01, 2022

Happy New Year to all website visitors. The Picture of this Month shows the cover of our new book about the origin and meaning of the three monkeys’ symbol. More…..

(January 01, 2022)

Hear See and Speak No Evil Reindeer

Yes, even no evil reindeer exist. And even several sets. More…..

(December 27, 2021)

X-Mas tree ornaments

A selection of X-Mas tree ornaments with hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. More…..

(December 21, 2021)

Day of the Monkey

Today, December 14 is the International Day of the Monkey. More…..

(December 14, 2021)

Greenpeace Germany

A Greenpeace demonstration in Germany because of too many concessions of the Green party during the coalition talks for a new German government. More…..

(December 07, 2021)

Picture of the Month – December 2021

An old poem about the three wise monkeys. More…..

(December 01, 2021)

Our Guestbook

Our Guestbook is also used as an Information Board to post photos and details about unusual or new No Evils. More…..

If you want to share anything with other website visitors, please let us know.

(November 25, 2021)

Three Mystic Monkeys  Online Slot Game by Genesis-Games

An online slot game with the three “mystic” monkeys. Trailer  Website

(November 20, 2021)

Loyfar artisan pewterware from Thailand

A very nice glass bowl with pewter decorations and the three monkeys that hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. More…..

(November 14, 2021)

NEW: a book about the three wise monkeys

The various Covid-19 lockdowns have made it possible for the webmaster to make a long-cherished wish come true and to finally write a book about the origin and meaning of the Three No Evil Monkeys. Click here for more information and how to order this book. A perfect gift for the upcoming season. It is worldwide the only book written in English language about this subject. The book is only available from this website. More…..

(November 07, 2021)

Picture of the Month – November 2021

Hear, see and speak no evil Halloween. More…..

(November 01, 2021)

20 years US Wise Monkeys Collectors Group

A message from Susan Scribner at the occasion of 20 years Wise Monkeys Collectors Group in the USA. More…..

(October 24, 2021)

Three Monkey collections on the internet

There are more websites about three monkeys collections. Here are the ones we have spotted over the years. If your website is not listed, please let us know. More…..

(October 20, 2021)

Keren Kopal no evil monkeys and frogs

Not much known are no evil figurines created by Keren Kopal. Here is a photo of the no evil monkeys and for the frogs it needs three clicks to see the complete set. Hear no evil  -   see no evil  -   speak no evil.

(October 13, 2021)

European Three-Monkeys Collectors Day in Holland

This gathering took place on Saturday October 2, 2021 in Terschuur, Netherlands. Here are photos and a report (in Dutch). More…..

(October 10, 2021)

No Evil Socks and Stockings

Always a surprise to discover day to day items like socks and stockings decorated with no evil monkeys. More…..

(October 07, 2021)

Picture of the Month – October 2021

A beautiful example of a Japanese okimono with the three wise monkeys in an unusual setting. More…..

(September 30, 2021)

Our Free Newsletter

Are you interested in the three wise monkeys that hear see and speak no evil? Maybe you collect them? Then it is time to sign up for our free Newsletter that is issued several times per year. Sign-up form.

(September 26, 2021)

Computer Games

This is completely unfamiliar territory for the webmaster, but in this game the three no evil monkeys appear. The website is in German, but for your convenience here is the Google translation in English. More…..

(September 21, 2021)

No Evil Nesting Dolls

A selection of Russian Nesting Dolls with hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.  More……..

(September 15, 2021)

No Evil emergency phone number for women

To promote a new emergency phone number for women, a power distribution building in Germany has been decorated with hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil portraits. More…..

(September 07, 2021)

Pictures of the Month – August and September 2021

Two special No Evil Pictures. Click here for August and here for September.

(September 01, 2021)

Summer Break 2021

We wish you all a nice summer with interesting three-monkey experiences and in case you are a collector, we wish you many new no evils for your collection,

Your Webmaster.

(July 15, 2021)

Unique watch with the three monkeys

Watchmakers Jacob & Co from Switzerland have designed an amazing watch with the three wise monkeys incorporated into the timepiece. Have a look at the photos and the video about this exceptional item. More…..

(July 10, 2021)

Three-Monkey Collectors meetings in the USA and Europe

The meeting in the Netherlands will take place on October 2, 2021. (Program in Dutch language). Up to now, no news is available about a meeting in the USA.

(July 04, 2021)

Picture of the Month – July 2021

A larger bronze statue from China with the three monkeys in an unusual pose.  More…..

(July 01, 2021)

Geocoins with the three monkeys

Even Geocoins exist with the three wise monkeys. More…..

(June 27, 2021)

Twitter and the three monkeys emoji

Twitter has apparently put the well-known emoji with three monkeys ("hear, see and speak no evil") on their index and generally identifies it as "racist". Anyone who uses the three monkeys in their tweet, and even when it is only about football, risks being blocked by Twitter.

(June 24, 2021)

Robert McRae

New in our Collectors Gallery is Robert McRae from Texas, USA. More….. Robert is very interested in the origin and meaning of the three-monkey symbol and also has a very nice collection. If you would like your own collectors portrait in our website, just send us a message.

(June 21, 2021)

Our Guestbook

If you have information for the Guestbook that is of interest to other three monkey collectors, please let us know

(June 15, 2021)

Four wise monkeys

A few of our fellow collectors specialize in 4-monkey sets. We have updated our website for them and here is the result. Have a look, you’ll be amazed. More…..

(June 10, 2021)

No evil mushrooms

Yes even mushrooms practise hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. More…..

(June 05, 2021)

Picture of the Month – June 2021

The picture of this month shows a very rare set of No Evil Tesuque Pueblo figu­rines. More…..

(June 01, 2021)

Michel Girou

Michel Girou, an active three monkey collector from France was added to our Collectors Gallery. More….. If you would like your own collectors portrait in our website, just let us know. Share your passion with other collectors. The best is….. there are no costs involved.

(May 28, 2021)

Hear see and speak no evil astronaut monkeys

Before humans went into space in the 1960s, several other animals were launched, including monkeys. Monkey figurines dressed as astronauts have now recently been introduced on the market. More……

(May 24, 2021)

No Evil Sports Equipment

Various sport items have been decorated with the hear see and speak no evil symbol. For example: Golf balls, Billiard balls, Darts and Skate- / Snowboards.

(May 18, 2021)

Free Newsletter

You want to know more about the three wise monkeys? Sign up for our free eNewsletter. It is issued a few times per year and can be canceled in every issue with a single click. More…..

(May 14, 2021)

Hear see and speak no evil whisky

In the months before their final closure in 2000, the Japanese brewery Karuizawa has produced a very limited quantity of whisky in bottles with the three monkeys. Whiskey collectors pay over US$ 20.000. —  for a complete set. More…..

(May 12, 2021)

A criminal mystery with four monkeys

A monkey killed with an axe in front of three monkeys that hear see and speak no evil. A very unusual and macabre representation with this four monkey sculpture. More…..

(May 05, 2021)

Our Guestbook & Message Board

Don’t forget to have a look into our Guestbook once in a while. Always good for surprising pictures and information. More…..

(May 02, 2021)

Picture of the Month – May 2021

The list of non-monkey figurines that act like hear, see and speak no evil is getting longer and longer. The picture of this month shows three medieval knights. More…..

(May 01, 2021)

Heavyweight three monkeys

The bronze 3-monkeys of Austrian sculptor Gottfried Kumpf are also available in XXL size. The three monkeys together weigh about 1000 pounds (approx. 450 kg). More…..

(April 27, 2021)

No Evil Tigers

Even tigers exist as hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Here are several different versions. More…..

(April 22, 2021)

No Evil Face Jugs

In the USA Face Jugs can be dated back to 1840. Originally they were made by African slaves. Mid-late 20th century some potters brought back this tradition and several of them created also hear, see and speak no evil jugs. More…..

(April 17, 2021)

Origin and meaning of the three wise monkeys

Bernhard Scheid of the University of Vienna, Austria has published an excellent digital manual about Religion-in-Japan. Part of the manual is about the three monkeys that hear, see and speak no evil. All texts are in German and for your convenience is here an English version by Google Translate. More…..

(April 12, 2021)

No Evil Razors

Next time you visit a flea market in search for three-monkey items, have a look at old razors. Maybe you find one with three wise monkeys on the blade and the handle. More…..

(April 06, 2021)

Picture of the Month – April 2021

An antique coin operated fortune telling machine with the three wise monkeys. Very special. More…..

(April 01, 2021)

Beware of fake no evil car mascots

Unfortunately a number of fake no evil car mascots are offered on various internet platforms. Here is what you have to know about it. More…..

(March 27, 2021)

What to do with our Collections?

In November last year, we wrote about a Zoom meeting of three-monkey collectors, organized by Susan Scribner in USA. The subject was “What to do with our collections?“. Here is more information about the project that has been named “Inspire”. More…..

(March 21, 2021)

Tesuque Pueblo figurines

Have you ever heard of Tesuque Pueblo figurines? Did you know that these exist as hear, see and speak no evil? If not, have a look.

(March 14, 2021)

No Evil Facemasks

There are an incredible number of different masks available with all possible motifs, also with hear, see and speak no evil. Here are a few examples. More…....

(March 07, 2021)

Picture of the Month – March 2021

Three No Evil Monkeys in standing position are quite rare. Here is a nice example. More…..

(March 01, 2021)

Greenpeace and the no evil monkeys

Greenpeace activists often make use of the no evil symbol for their protest actions. View here and here to see what their Swiss section has been using it for.

(February 24, 2021)

Carnival / Mardi Gras 2021

Due to the corona pandemic, many countries will have little or no carnival festivities this year. Perhaps it would be nice to see how the hear, see and speak no evil symbol has inspired the carnival celebrators in the past years. More…..

(February 15, 2021)

Year of the Ox

Today is the start of the Chinese Year of the Ox. We do not know whether Oxen in the shape of Hear See Speak No Evil exist. We don’t have them. The best we can offer are No Evil Cows. More…..

(February 12, 2021)

Three Wise Monkeys Table Lamp

A very nice table lamp with three wise monkeys spotted in Time And Tide Stores in the UK. More…..

(February 08, 2021)

Picture of the Month – February 2021

A very interesting netsuke with the three wise monkeys in a very unusual pose. More…..

(February 01, 2021)

Can you believe this?

University pulls image of 'three wise monkeys' because it 'promulgates a longstanding visual legacy of oppression'. What people could come up with something like this and take it seriously?  More…..

(January 31, 2021)


The page with valuations of various no evil figurines has been updated. You may find some information there that is useful for your collection.  More…..

(January 25, 2021)

Covid-19 Pandemic

Corona inspires artists such as Wolfram Kastner in Munich. He has made 50 art pieces on the theme covid-19 pandemic, including one with hear, see and speak no evil. More…..

(January 19, 2021)

No Evil

Always interesting to see that a modern Christian Church makes use of the symbols of a century old Japanese folk belief. More…..

(January 12, 2021)

(Epiphany January 6) Three Magi Cake

January 6 is Epiphany (Three Kings) and that day is, especially in France, celebrated with a Three Magi Cake. What this has to do with the three wise monkeys you can see here. And here is an explanation of this custom.

(January 06, 2021)

Picture of the Month – January 2021

Happy New Year to all of our website visitors. The picture for January 2021 shows three smart astronaut-monkeys. More…..

(January 01, 2021)


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