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affensymbol3                   Appraisal: 1102-281

Name: Don Bushee

Country: USA

Date: 26. Februar 2011

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image002  any info?  age? value? rare? 


image002  Don,

this item is made in China, see enclosures. The representation of the monkeys is quite modern, so I think that the item is not more than 25 years old. This vase is not very common. Last year one was listed in Ebay for US$ 8.00, but I don’t know the auction result. If two collectors fight over it, it may go up to US$ 30 – 40. Difficult to say though.

Just let me know that you received this email and were able to view the pictures.


Explanatory pictures:

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Comments from readers:

 image002 Emil,

Got the photos, thanks. I did search and couldn’t find anything, which was of course was when I stumbled across you. My wife found it a thrift store where she volunteers, and so was able to get tit at a good price and gave me for my birthday in Jan. Coincidentally I found the second one just a few weeks later in another thrift store and it was priced $0.69, so I had to get it.

Naturally she was disappointed to find out it was not so rare or one-of-a-kind, but maybe it was just a coincidence to find the second one. My thought had been to find a third one (perhaps a different color: one is blue and one is green) and that way I could position them so a different side of each would be visible. If you come across one for sale, I would appreciate it if you let me know.

Most of my monkeys (and apes) are not old or rare, but I will send you some photos when I get around to taking some.



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