Three Monkeys


I wouldn't mind if you died
I couldn't care less if you weren't alive
Even if I tried

I never think about you all the time you never cross my mind
And I don't talk about you until my friends say, "Why don't you shut up?"
Shut up, I wish you would shut up I wish you would die
I wouldn't mind

And I wouldn't care if you weren't there
If you looked at me I wouldn't meet your stare
Even if you dared

Even if you wanted me I wouldn't be around for you to find
I wouldn't look for you or wait for you until the end of time
I would not care if you died

Oh I despise you
Words cannot describe how I despise you
At least I wish I could despise you
You know it really shouldn't surprise you
Sticks and stones can break your bones
I wish I had some for you just for you

La la la I can't hear you I can't hear you
I close my eyes so I can't see but I still see you
I can't open my mouth without lying to myself
I don't miss you everyday and I don't want you anyway
I don't mind

I'm listening but I can't hear a word

La la la hear no evil speak no evil
I put out my eyes so I can't see see your evil
And I can't stand up with three monkeys on my back
I don't miss you everyday and you ain't gonna hear me say
That this one goes out to the one I love

For you


Words & Music by Rand Bellavia and Adam L. English  1991                        Artist: Ookla The Mok

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