The Sagacious Simians

Three Wise Monkeys sat in a tree,
They Saw no Evil in thee or me.
They would not Hear the Rumour Mill;
Not Speak badly; nor Think ill.

Instead they showed Goodwill to All,
Kind and Generous response to call.
Beloved they were by Jungle Troop;
Until they vanished in a coop.
To then reside in Human Zoo,
Thus Pure of Heart received its due.

Replicas of them were made,
As Brass icon, or carved Jade.
Possession might be Sign of Wealth,
To gather dust on Mantle Shelf.
The Message, like the Statuette,
Forgotten, yet they're with us yet.

A little of the Monkeys' Tale,
Might serve the World in its Travail,
As it, from Terror, seeks Defence,
Honi soit qui mal y pense.


Don H. 2004

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