The Fourth Monkey


There once were Three Wise Monkeys,
One Blind, one Deaf, one Dumb.
These monkeys liked to Gossip,
Pass Rumour on to chum.

First Monkey, though she couldn't See,
Had Ears which were quite sharp;
And Acid Tongue which was agile,
For Message to impart.

Monkey Number Two, though Deaf,
Could Read a note received;
And would pass it on again,
With Added text, indeed !

Third Monkey couldn't Speak, it's true,
But she could Hear and Write.
Any juicy piece of gossip heard,
She'd inscribe, out of Spite.

These Three Monkeys were deemed Wise,
Because they Knew so much.
Their parting words to others were:
"Goodbye, keep in touch!"

But all Three Monkeys vanished,
As if flushed down a sewer.
'Tis rumoured they were victims of -
A Hired Gun, Evil DO-er.


Don H. 2004

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