Three Wise Monkeys


There once were Three Wise Monkeys,
They sat upon a bough.
They liked to Cogitate a lot,
'Bout - Who, and Why, and How.

In a group, were these Wise Monkeys,
Two of whom were wide awake.
The third, he saw no evil.
And was swallowed by a Snake.

There then were Two Wise Monkeys,
One sensed approaching cat;
The other heard no Leopard,
Which soon was nicely fat.

We're left with One Wise Monkey,
Who made silence his main art.
Didn't chatter like his fellows,
But fell to Poison Dart.

So No Wise Monkey now remains.
Those left may Foolish be;
But they are very nimble,
And live long up in their tree.

Don H. 2004

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