The Three Wise Monkeys


In a temple at Kioto in far-away Japan,

The little Apes of Nikko are sitting, wondrous wise;

And one they call Mizaru - he's a funny little man!

Mizaru sees no evil with his eyes.


The next is Kikazaru - quite fun, too, is he;

But ah! the people tell me he is wise beyond his years;

.As fine a little gentleman as any ape could be;

Kikazaru hears no evil with his ears.


The third one is Mazaru*, and, like the other two,

His way is often quoted be the folk he dwells among,

And that which makes him famous is a simple thing to do

Mazaru* speaks no evil with his tongue.


Now the temple at Kioto few of us may ever see,

Or the Little Apes of Nikko, they're so very far away,

But if we would do as they do, I think you'll all agree,

We might in time become as wise as they.


* Author probably meant Iwazaru, the “speak no” monkey


Florence Boyce Davis,World's Best-Loved Poems by James Gilchrist Lawson, pg 67- Harper & Row 1927

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