The Three Wise Monkeys


Three small monkeys on my table

Each as good as he is able,


Not to see or hear or say

Things unpleasant through the day.


One with hands across his eyes,

Careful that he never spies,


Does not see the faults of others

Neither playmates nor his brother.


One with fingers in his ears

That hes sure he never lies,


Now the third with fingertips

Gently placed upon the lips


That he may not speak unkind

Thoughts that enter his mind,


Now without the fingertips

Pressing closely on the lips,


He should guard the tongue as well

And be cautious what we tell.


May the conscience be our guide,

Telling what to see or hide;


Let us learn without delay

What to see or hear or say.


Three Monkeys Conference 2002 Memphis, TN, USA Author not known

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