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image002 Over the years, interesting medals depicting the 3 monkeys have been issued for various reasons.

image003 In de loop der tijd zijn er om verschillende redenen interessante medailles met HZZ apen uitgegeven.

image004 Im Laufe der Zeit wurden aus verschiedenen Gründen Medaillen mit den drei Affen herausgegeben.

image008 Au fil des ans, des médailles intéressants représentant les 3 singes ont été émis pour des raisons diverses.

British Military Attaché Moscow service medal 1980- 82. Such medal was awarded to those serving at British Embassies. This medal was awarded to someone who served in Moscow USSR during the time of the Cold War.

„Jeanne avec nous“ is a theatre play of The Resistance against the German occupation of France during World War II. No information is available about Colonel Louveau and the date of January 16, 1948.

The medal is signed by Pierre de Soete (1885-1948), a famous Belgian designer of sculptures and medals. The safety pin under the monkeys with the word LUC is a puzzling detail.

This vintage medal was issued by V.S. Canale, a company in Paris France, that still exists under:

Medailles Canale, Graveur depuis 1827 at the same address. This medal is still available in their online store:

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