Three-Monkeys Collectors Meeting

2016 Reno, NV, USA



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Three monkeys worldwide. Hear, see and speak no evil

Die drei Affen, die nichts hören, sehen und sagen

De drie horen, zien en zwijgen apen (HZZ)

Les trois singes de la sagesse



A collector for over 40 years presents all there is to know about the three wise monkeys. Many thousands of photographs. Shop in our online store for 3 monkeys sets, some old, some new, made in countries around the world. Our online newsletter is updated frequently. Free appraisal/valuation of your three monkey items. And much more!



The Three Monkeys


A 400 year old Japanese image for a 2,500 year old Chinese code of conduct

Hear no evil    speak no evil   see no evil


Also Known As:   No Evil Monkeys, Three Wise Monkeys,  Three Morality Monkeys, Three Mystic Apes



Report by Gregg D. Ottinger


The Reno conference was fantastic!  We had 18 attendees, three of whom were new. Several of the past attendees were unable to come due to (we hope) temporary medical issues. 

On Sunday we had a great dinner together at the Italian restaurant at the Eldorado. The food and the fellowship were excellent. 

Our meeting was Monday, August 15, and we explored No Evil Monkey websites in depth, including and  We also looked at the items for sale at the Three Monkeys Store on the Etsy website:

In addition, Robert McRae gave a speech and slide presentation on the No Evil Monkeys, which he had given to a civic group in his hometown in Texas. We also shared pictures and videos of the No Evil Monkeys from some of our collections and travels, and several collectors showed pieces that they had found in antique stores in the area in the days before the conference began.

In the afternoon, we had our No Evil Monkey sale, with several beautiful sets of monkeys (and other No Evil critters) and books changing hands and homes. Tuesday was dedicated to individual and small group sightseeing in the Reno area, which included beautiful Lake Tahoe and historic Virginia City (where there was once a great gold rush and Samuel Clemens first used his nom de plume “Mark Twain”). On Wednesday morning, we met briefly for hugs and goodbyes.


Next year’s conference will be held in Kansas City (probably Kansas City, Kansas, but there is also a Kansas City, Missouri) from June 8 – 11, 2017.  Many of the collectors who were unable to attend this year have indicated that they intend to attend in 2017.  It promises to be our largest gathering ever!


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