Three-Monkeys Collectors Meeting

2017 Kansas City, KS, USA



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A display of some very remarkable 3-monkey items from the collection of Gregg Ottinger was specially arranged just for the participants of the conference. See below. This was very much appreciated.

Report by Gregg D. Ottinger


The conference began on Thursday night, June 8, as people arrived from all over the United States, including Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, St. Louis, California, Colorado and Kansas.  We met for an informal dinner at the nearby Yardhouse Restaurant.  We had two first-time attendees, Linda Margolin (Detroit, Michigan) and Darlene Vermeulen.


Friday, June 9, was all Monkey Business.  We viewed a PowerPoint presentation of Linda Margolin's collection, and also went through the items for sale in the Etsy shop "ThreeMonkeysStore".  We held a group discussion on the ever increasing importance of civility in general and the No Evil concepts in particular.  In the afternoon several collectors bought and sold sets of No Evil Monkeys (and other critters).  For dinner we went to the home of Monkey Collector (and Barbecue champion) Hal Walker and his wife Maryann.  We viewed Hal's spectacular collection of No Evils and enjoyed an excellent meal.  Maryann, who is an accomplished baker, made Monkey Cupcakes for dessert.  See picture.  It was a great evening of No Evil food and fellowship.


Saturday was reserved for sightseeing.  Several collectors visited the Steamboat Arabia (which sunk in the Missouri River in 1856, and was excavated, revealing tons of goods and hardware headed for the Western Frontier of the US).  Some went to the Kansas City, Missouri Public Library, the outside walls and steps of which are giant books.  Others went to the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery.  A couple visited the National World War I Memorial and Museum.  And, of course, many went antiquing, looking for No Evils in the flea market part of town called The West Bottoms.


On Saturday night, we ate dinner at the home of Gregg and Kenda Ottinger, and viewed Gregg's No Evil collection.  Special thanks to Kenda's sister Kellie, who made a special display room for the No Evils, and cooked great tacos!


On Sunday we met again for a final discussion and to say goodbye until next year.  We decided to hold the 2018 USA No Evil Monkey Collectors Conference in Savannah, Georgia.  It will be held in October, 2018, since we no longer are limited to summer meetings (as the younger children have grown up and we are no longer on a school vacation schedule).


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