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October 2008 - February 2009 Issues

February 28, 2009          Picture of the Month - March 2009


Who has ever dreamt of a nice chalet high up in the mountains? And if it then would have a wall painting with the three wise monkeys, wouldn’t that be perfect!?!

Such a place really exists, just click here.


February 27, 2009          Collectors portrait Isi & Jean-Marie Hertogen


Our fellow collectors from Belgium, Isi & Jean-Marie Hertogen are already quite busy with the organization of the next Meeting of Hear, See and Speak No Evil Monkey Collectors, which will take place on October 3, 2009. They are relatively new to our group. Therefore we have now added their collectors’ portrait to this website, so that we all can get to know them a little bit better. Although it still is half a year ahead, thirteen people have already registered for the meeting. If you want to know more just click here. Everyone who is interested in the Hear, See and Speak No Evils is welcome. Especially also those who have just started with their collection. One of the highlights of the meeting is the sales of duplicate items and usually all participants will be able to buy some new items. In case you are looking for the registration form, click here.


February 25, 2009          An internet game with the three No Evil Monkeys


A game of skill with the 3 monkeys. The title “Gandhiji’s 3 Monkeys” suggests that it may originate from India, which it does. Nothing exciting, but still nice, because “hear, see and speak no evil monkeys” are concerned. The game is self-explanatory. The target is to “freeze” the monkeys in the Hear, See and Speak positions in order to gain points. Click here


February 20, 2009          More No Evil Monkey Collections on the internet


We discovered another 3 monkey collection on the internet, this time from a French collector. The link can be found by clicking here and the latest addition is at the bottom of that page.


February 17, 2009          No Evils with a short life


There are a number of No Evils that lead a very short life, because they were made from sand, ice, snow, hay or flowers. Other examples are No Evils used in demonstrations or parades. Photographs of all these categories can be seen in a section of this website that is called “Perishable Three Monkeys”. Quite a number of new pictures have been added recently and it certainly is worthwhile to have another look at the various albums. Click here .


February 14, 2009          No Evil poetry and song texts


Maybe it is a good moment now to have another look how songwriters and other authors are busy with the hear, see and speak no evil theme.  New songs and poems are frequently added to the POETRY page.  Click here.


February 09, 2009          Wine and the three No Evil Monkeys 


An interesting combination. Wine labels with the Three Monkeys, some are on commercial bottles and others were made for an occasion. There are more interesting possibilities with wine bottles. Click here to visit the “wine” page.


February 05, 2009          Another No Evil Monkeys Collection on the internet


We have come into contact with Lena Ringberg from Sweden who has an interesting website showing some items of her three monkeys’ collection. Welcome to the group, Lena! The link to her website can be found by clicking here and then on her name.


January 31, 2009            Picture of the Month - February 2009


A poster depicting the No Evil symbol for various religions for the movie RELIGULOUS by Larry Charles und Bill Maher is the Picture for February. Click here.


January 30, 2009            The Swiss collectors of No Evil Monkeys


Today we celebrated in Esslingen the very first meeting of Swiss collectors of hear, see and speak no evil . Everybody was attending (which is not so difficult, because there are only four; but still!). A very pleasant day, that calls for a repeat. Click here.


January 29, 2009             A very special okimono from Japan


A wonderful ivory miniature figurine from Japan listed under # UN30 in the section “Unique/Unusual No Evils”. Click here.


January 26, 2009            Three-Monkeys Collectors Day 2009


The invitation with the program of the No Evils Collectors Meeting 2009 in Riemst in Belgium is now ready. Click here for further information.


January 25, 2009            The Mafia 


Also the Italian Mafia uses the 3-monkey-symbol. Their slogan is: non vedo, non sento, non parlo. That means: I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing and that is what our favorite monkeys do. Click here.


January 23, 2009            Paul Wunderlich


We recently discovered that the three bronze statues “hear, see and speak no evil” created by Paul Wunderlich, are now offered for sale in Zurich. A good reason to add them to our section “Unique/Unusual No Evils” (# UN28). The lithographs of # UN29 are from the same artist. Click here.


January 18, 2009           The Guestbook


It is quite frequent that interesting topics and pictures appear in the Guestbook of this website. Reason enough to have a look once in a while. Click here.


Januari 12, 2009             New appraisals


We received a number of emails with the request for more information or evaluation of No Evil figurines. Often these are quite common items, but there is almost always something particular that can be said. Click here to have a look.


January 06, 2009            Epiphany - the visit of the Three Magi – 3 Kings of the Orient


In a number of countries on Epiphany, January 6, a special cake is baked that contains one bean. The person who finds this bean is King for that day. In France small figurines, usually ceramic, are used instead of beans. And yes, these also exist with the three no evil monkeys! Click here.


January, 04 2009            New Unique or Very Rare No Evil Monkeys  


Several unique or rare No Evil Monkeys have been added to this website. Click here to view them. For a complete overview of all “unique” items, click here.


January 01, 2009            Happy New Year


Happy New Year. A successful collector’s year 2009 is wished, with many new 3-monkey additions. 


December 28, 2008        Picture of the Month – January 2009


Three very “cool” No Evils are posing for the January 2009 Picture of the Month. Click here. And here to view all previous Monthly Pictures.


December 27, 2008        No Evil Dragons


Recently I discovered the website of Marjoleine Stoutjesdijk & Rinus Schreuder from Holland: They have a large collection of dark grey/black Celtic dragons. These exist in many different shapes and models, among which also Hear, See and Speak No Evil. An excellent reason to add photographs of my own no evil dragons to my website. Click here


December 25, 2008        X-mas & New Years Greetings


In our Guestbook are sending you their best wishes: No Evil collectors Ine & Ben Beker, Barb Carraher, Jitske & Theunis Dankert, Leny & Henny Duym, Ellen Fremed, Leni van den Hoven, Joke & Hans Holleman, Bruce Kittess, Marijke van der Meer, Michel van Ostaaijen, Anneke & Emil Schuttenhelm, Anja & Berend Tuinstra, Lien & Peter Wansink, Click on the names.


December 22, 2008        Another new collectors portrait: Kurt Wagner, USA


Fellow collector Kurt Wagner in New Jersey, USA is now also featured in Why and how he has started to collect No Evils is explained in “3-Monkey Collectors Worldwide”. Scroll down that page and click on his name.

If you would like to present your own collection here in this website, just let us know. All what is needed are a picture and a story. The rest we’ll do.


December 20, 2008        Japanese Ema and the three monkeys


Our presentation about Japanese Ema (votive tablets) and the three monkeys is now on the internet. This lecture was presented on October 4, 2008 at the 3-monkeys collectors meeting in the Netherlands. The first part is about Ema in general and the second part concerns Ema with the 3 monkeys. The presentation is in Dutch language only, but there are plenty of pictures to be seen. Click here.


December 14, 2008         A new website about hear, see and speak no evil


Joke Holleman from Holland has recently created her own website. The main part of her site is about her main hobby, together with husband Hans, collecting no evil monkeys. The site is in Dutch language only, but a lot of nice pictures can be seen. Click here to have a look and while “clicking”, here are their Season’s Greetings in our Guestbook.


December 06, 2008          Seasons Greetings welcome


With the end of the year nearing, you may wish to send Seasons Greetings to all fellow No Evil Collector friends through the Guestbook of this website. Of course it’s free! Click here to see last years’ messages and scroll down that page.

If you are not familiar with guestbook entries or don’t know how to include cards or pictures, just email us the information and we will gladly do the entry for you. Click here for the Guestbook.


December 04, 2008          3 Monkeys Collectors Day 2009


As announced earlier, next years’ 3-monkeys collectors meeting in Europe will take place on Saturday October 3, 2009 in Riemst in Belgium. Our hosts are Isi Hensen and Jean-Marie Hertogen. Click here for the info-sheet. Further news will be published here in this Newsletter whenever it becomes available.


November 28, 2008        Picture of the Month – December 2008


It is a pleasure to announce the very special Picture of the Month for December 2008. Click here and enjoy. We invite you to send us a message by email or in the Guestbook what you think of it.

 To view all earlier Pictures of the Month, click here.


November 26, 2008        Fruit wrappers with 3 monkeys


The variety of items with the No Evil Monkeys symbol is immense. What about fruit wrappers with the 3 monkeys? Just have a look by clicking here.


November 23, 2008       The Three-Monkeys Collectors Store


Our online Three Monkeys Store now has been split up in two sections: No Evil Monkeys and No Evil animals, gnomes, Buddha’s and more, The idea is to simplify matters, especially for those who only collect (no evil) Monkeys. Quite a number of new items have been added, so it is a good time to have a look. Click here


November 15, 2008       No Evil Monkeys Tattoos


For reasons not known to me, there is an overwhelming interest from the tattoo world for No Evils, including requests for Chinese/Japanese characters to be used for that purpose. The matter is not as easy as one would expect and the answers are not very satisfactory. I have tried to compile some information and hope to have answered some of the questions. Click here for details in Frequently Asked Questions # 17. Comments and additional information are very welcome.


November 14, 2008       New Uniques  


The Swedish artist Max Magnus Norman has created three new Hear-See-Speak sculptures. Click here and then scroll down the page to UN22.


November 11, 2008       New appraisals


A number of new items have been submitted for appraisal. Some are quite interesting. Click here for further details. As always, the additions are at the bottom of the page.


November 09, 2008      Guestbook - Thanks from Barb in USA 


All participants of the Three-Monkeys Meeting 2008 in the Netherlands had signed a “Get Well Card” for fellow-collector Barb in the USA. Her “Thank You” message is now in the Guestbook under #120. There are many more entries in the Guestbook, although not all of them in English. But that is the charm of an international website. Click here.


November 05, 2008        A new collectors portrait:  Susan ten Kate - Netherlands


Susan ten Kate has sent us a nice picture and an interesting story about her Hear-See and Speak No Evil collection and what this hobby means to her. All can be viewed in the section “Three-Monkey Collectors Worldwide” . New portraits are at the bottom of that page.

If you would like to present your own collection in, just let us know. All what is needed are a picture and a story. The rest we do.


November 03, 2008       “Orphans”  -  incomplete Hear-see-speak-no-evils 


A number of loose No Evil “Orphans” have been reunited and several new items have been added to this site. Click here to visit the page with incomplete 3-monkey sets. Maybe you will find that one missing monkey you have been searching for so long time. You can also send us pictures of your own incomplete sets, which will be added for free.


November 01, 2008         An unusual “No Evil” item  


An interesting old cigar/cigarette box with the 3 monkeys dating back to 1920 – 1930. To be seen in the section Unique/ Unusual No Evils of this website; the latest additions are at the bottom of that page.


October 30,  2008           Picture of the Month – November 2008


Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende posing as Hear, See and Speak no Evil, floating in a pond near the Parliament Buildings in the Hague, Netherlands. Not possible? Click here and see for yourself.


October 21, 2008           Three Monkeys’ Collectors Day 2008 in Eerbeek/Netherlands (4)


Five picture albums of the 3-monkey-day 2008 can be viewed. Click on the names: Joke en Hans Holleman, Przemo en Sylwia Ziemba, Anneke Schuttenhelm, Ankie Wijngaarden and Diverse.


October 12, 2008           Three Monkeys’ Collectors Day 2008 in Eerbeek/Netherlands (3)


Jitske Dankert has published a report with pictures in her website. Click here to view it. (in Dutch language only)


October 10, 2008           Three Monkeys’ Collectors Day 2008 in Eerbeek/Netherlands (2)


One of the highlights in Eerbeek was the not-announced performance of the 48th Highlanders of Holland Pipes and Drums. It was a big surprise that was greatly appreciated by all participants. Click here for the website of these great pipers en drummers. On behalf of all collectors a message was posted in their guestbook.


October 06, 2008           Three Monkeys’ Collectors Day 2008 in Eerbeek/Netherlands


All participants fully agreed: the Collectors Day 2008 was a great success. Once more, many thanks to the organizers Foka and Johan! Click here for pictures. Among the more than 50 participants were several new faces from the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. The date of next years’ meeting has already been fixed: October 3, 2009 in Belgium. More information soon in this Newsletter.





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