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Interview www.20

We were interviewed by the French newspaper 20minutes about the three wise monkeys. If you want to read the original French version, click here.

If you prefer to read the (not perfect) Google translation, click here.

(December 27, 2016)

No evil monkey pencil sharpeners

The list of items with three no evil monkeys seems endless. Did you know that no evil monkey pencil sharpeners exist? More…..

(December 19, 2016)

A new collector’s portrait

How Jason McHenry in California got involved with the Three Monkeys can be read in his Collectors Portrait in our Collectors Gallery. If you want to read stories of other collectors too, click here.

(December 12, 2016)

Three Monkeys One Journey

A just released documentary movie about three friends travelling across Europe, taking it in turns to go without speech, hearing and sight. Each week the roles are changed. More…..

(December 06, 2016)

Picture of the Month – December 2016

Three monkeys produced with 3D printing are slowly entering our collector’s world. The Picture for December shows a 3-monkey set owned by a fellow collector in Switzerland. More…..

(November 30, 2016)

Wise Monkeys Ecstasy Pills

Definitely not our world, but we have to report about it. Here is a picture and here is a “consumer report”.

(November 25, 2016)

What lessons Gandhi-jis 3-monkeys give

Explanations of the three-monkeys adage. More…..

(November 20, 2016)

Three-monkey collectors in the news

Fellow collectors Gerry and Tabitha Blevins from Texas were featured with an interesting article about their collection and photos in the Palestine Herald of November 1, 2016. To read the article, click here.

Because this newspaper only allows limited access to their webpages, it may be necessary to copy and paste the following link in your internet browser:

(November 13, 2016)

The Three Monkeys in Nikko, Japan

We received news that the world-famous woodcarving of the three monkeys in Nikko Japan has been removed for restoration works and is not available for the public until approx. March 2017. Please adjust your travel plans.

(November 06, 2016)

Picture of the Month - November 2016

Halloween: Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. More….

(October  31, 2016)

The three-monkey collectors meetings in 2017

The place and month for the next 3-monkey collectors meetings in USA and Europe are already known:

USA: Kansas City on June 8 – 11, 2017

Netherlands: Leeuwarden in September 2017


More information will be published in this website, as soon as available.

(October  26, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Day 2016 in Riemst, Belgium

Because of a last-minute date change, the attendance of the 2016 three-monkey meeting in Belgium was slightly below expectations. 26 participants were welcomed by both the mayor and the tourist counselor of Riemst and enjoyed a very pleasant and well organized day. Many thanks to Isi & Jean Marie Hertogen and family.  More…..

(October  21, 2016)

Three Monkeys website

If you have sufficient time, it may be a good idea to visit Joellen Deckers website. A very colorful presentation of figurines and pictures representing hear, see and speak no evil. More…..

(October  14, 2016)

No evil angels

Hear, see and speak no evil angels/cherubs, instead of monkeys, seem to be very popular. Here is a small selection. More…..

(October  07, 2016)

Picture of the Month - October 2016

Daredevil, Spiderman and Deadpool as hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. More….

(September 30, 2016)


What about this one:

here no evil, sea no evil and speek no evil

but maybe you have seen funnier ones?

(September 25, 2016)

No evil rabbits or bunnies

Also rabbits, hares or bunnies do “hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil”. Here is a small selection of figurines. More…..

(September 21, 2016)

Collector or hoarder???

In a quiet moment some of us may have pondered over the fact whether collecting is just a hobby or a more a kind of mental disorder. Psychology Today has the answer. As far as we can judge, we are all more or less safe!  More…….

(September 14, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting 2017 in Kansas City, USA

The date for next years’ meeting has already been fixed:

June 8 – 11, 2017

Just mark your calendar now already.

Here is a list of possible sightseeing in Kansas. More…..

(September 07, 2016)

Picture of the Month - September 2016

A postcard from 1905 with three no evil women. More…..

(August 31, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting in Reno, Nevada, USA

Photos and a report about this event by organizer Gregg Ottinger. More…..

(August 27, 2016)

Picture of the Month - August 2016

A funny no evil picture received from Bruce. More…..

(July 31, 2016)

Summer Break 2016

Wish you all a nice summer with interesting three-monkey experiences and in case you are a collector, many new no evils for your collection,

Your Webmaster.

PS: Don’t forget to register for the upcoming 3-Monkey Collectors Gathering in Reno, Nevada, USA. More….. and a recent update

(July 05, 2016)

Picture of the Month - July 2016

One of our frequent website visitors, Chikako, made this nice photo in a shop in Cologne, Germany. More…..

(June 30, 2016)

Chicken and eggs

The no-evil symbol doesn’t stop for chicken and eggs. Just have a look. More…..

(June 25, 2016)

3D printed three-monkeys totem

Probably the first commercially available 3-monkey statue made with a 3D printer. Don’t forget to scroll and view all the versions that are shown below the main picture. More.....  

(June 20, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting in Reno, Nevada, USA (August 14-17 2016)

With only 10 weeks to go, it is time to think about registering for this nice event. Here are the details. More…..

(June 13, 2016)

Twitter ”One Monkey emerges victorious from epic emoji debate”

Over 200,000 people have been spending time and energy to discuss whether the 3 monkey emoji’s are one or three monkeys. Although we appreciate everything that pays attention to the three wise monkeys, this is not exactly our world!


(June 06, 2016)

Picture of the Month - June 2016

A different view on the three wise monkeys in a very old children’s book.


(May 31, 2016)

Our Guestbook

Don’t forget to visit our Guestbook. Otherwise you may be missing some important information. For example special three-monkey items for sale.  More……

(May 26, 2016)

Sword with the Three Monkeys

Even a Katana Samurai sword exists with the three wise monkeys. More…..

(May 21, 2016)

Cell Phone Addiction and the Three Monkeys

An article in a German newspaper compares cell phone addicts with the three monkeys. “Hear See and Speak No” (with photo). Here is a Google translation. More….. If you prefer to see the original text, click here.

(May 14, 2016)

YouTube advertising for a jeweler store in India

Although we don’t understand a word from what is said, it is interesting to see how the no evil symbol is used for promoting this store. More…..

(May 07, 2016)

Picture of the Month - May 2016

Space Chimps - three NASA chimpanzees are sent to a faraway galaxy to find themselves on a strange, uncharted planet, where they embark on a fantastical journey to save its inhabitants from a tyrannical leader. More…..

(April 30, 2016)

Exclusive Three Monkeys

If you ever win the lottery or hit the jackpot, here are a few suggestions. More…..  and more….

(April 25, 2016)

3 Monkeys in Japanese culture and religion

If you want to know more about Japanese monkeys and their influence on culture and religion in that country, here is an interesting article. More…..

(April 18, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Day 2016 in Riemst, Belgium

The new date has been set for October 1, 2016. More……. (Dutch language only)

(April 13, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Day 2016 in Riemst, Belgium

There is an unexpected problem with the date. A huge bicycle sport event, originally planned for August in Riemst, has now been moved to September 24, exactly the date that is foreseen for the 3-Monkey meeting. The organizers are working hard for a solution, but it looks inevitable that the date has to be changed to one week earlier or later. More news to follow in this website.

(April 09, 2016)

German Police in Facebook

In Facebook the Police of Munich, Germany is responding to allegations, that they are not always reporting the truth. The Facebook entry shows three officers that hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. More…..

(April 08, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting 2016 in Reno, Nevada, USA

Here is more information about this event including daily events and hotel details. More…..

(April 05, 2016)

Picture of the Month – April 2016

In Hinduism Ganesha is the God of wisdom, knowledge, new beginnings and remover of obstacles. Now Ganesha is also performing hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. More…..

(April 01, 2016)  website

Tomorrow, March 31, 2016 our website will be 9 years old. That does not sound like a lot, but it still is not too bad, considering that the worldwide average lifespan of a website is 2-4 years.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of our website visitors and especially those who have contributed by sending us interesting information and entries for the Guestbook.

(March 31, 2016)

2016 No Evil Monkey Conference in USA

Place and date are now fixed: Reno, Nevada – August 14 – 17, 2016

More details to follow soon.

(March 25, 2016)

No evil furniture

A line of furniture items with the three monkeys, manufactured in Peru and distributed through a company in the USA. More…

(March 25, 2016)

No Evil project

Since 2011 a traveling exhibition with photos of almost 1500 people acting like the three wise monkeys is moving around in Massachusetts USA. Here is the website about this project with information about past and present exhibitions. More…..

(March 20, 2016)

Fellow collectors from Australia

David and Le from Australia love to travel all over the world and among other things, to search for three monkey figurines. Here is their website with their three-monkey collection. More…..

(March 13, 2016)

The Chinese Year of the Monkey

In an earlier entry we mentioned that the Year of the Monkey inspires many artists to create new three wise monkey items. Here is an example. More….

(March 07, 2016)

Picture of the Month – March 2016

A 70 years old advertisement for Canadian Dry featuring the three no evil monkeys. More…..

(February 29, 2016)

Three monkeys design by Nikoline Liv Andersen

Just see and read for yourself about the design “the dance of the deaf and dumb eye” by Danish designer Nikoline Liv Andersen.  More…..

(February 22, 2016)

African Masks - continued

We received many reactions and photos to our message of January 25 concerning the African masks page so that we were able to add seven more pictures. If you want to see them, the additions are at the bottom of the page. More….

(February 15, 2016)

2016 Year of the Monkey

Welcome to the Chinese Year of the Monkey starting from February 8, 2016 (Chinese New Year), and ending on January 27, 2017 (Chinese New Year’s Eve). The Years of the Monkey include 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028...

During these years often special no evil monkey items are being produced, so keep your eyes and ears open.

(February 08, 2016)

Picture of the Month – February 2016

No one ignores the Marauder. Gibson advertisement of 1975. More…..

If you want to see our other Pictures of the Month, click here.

(January 31, 2016)

African Masks

No Evil Monkeys on top of a wooden mask are often one of the highlights of a three wise monkeys collection. Such masks usually originate from Africa and can be as high as 3 feet. Here are some examples. More….

(January 25, 2016)

Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting 2016 in Europe

This year’s organizers, Jean-Marie en Isi Hertogen, informed us that they are already quite busy with the planning of this event. It is the 25th time that European Three-Monkey collectors are getting together to exchange information and duplicates. The meeting will take place in Riemst in Belgium and the date is

Saturday September 24, 2016.

More news will follow, as soon as available.

(January 19, 2016)

2016 Year of the Monkey

We received a request from the Shiota technical high school in Ureshino City, Japan to use photos from our Japanese website for their monthly newsletter. Their management letter was dedicated to 2016 the Year of the Monkey. Of course we granted permission and here is the result. The author added some comments for us in English. A computer translation of the Japanese text is to be found here, but it shows again that for us, such translations are extremely difficult to understand.

(January 12, 2016)

(Epiphany January 6) Three Magi Cake

As in most years on January 6 (Epiphany) we report about new no evil beans for the traditional Three Magi Cake. To be viewed at the bottom of this page. 10 different models with each the three no evils back to back in one figurine. Also on the same page is a link to an explanation of this custom.

(January 06, 2016)


For earlier issues of this News Bulletin see the archive in the left column, click here.



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