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Picture of the Month - January 2013      

Books are the carriers of wisdom, civilisation, history and much more. The Picture of this Month shows books in hear, see and speak no evil poses. More…..

(December 31, 2012)

Virtual three-monkey hats

Three hats with hear see and speak no evil monkeys were available as an uncommon reward from the Squeal of Fortune during the third Wild Weekend of Mad May in Runescape. If you haven’t got the slightest clue what we are speaking of, don’t worry. It also is not our world. More…..

(December 27, 2012)

No Evil Monkeys board games

On October 9 we reported about a new board game with the three wise monkeys, recently introduced by a company in Holland. Over the past 50 years two more 3-monkey games have been produced. One in 1965 in the USA and another one in 2002 in Germany. More…..

(December 21, 2012)

Not always joyful

Sometimes the three-monkey symbol is used for reasons that are far from happy or funny. Like the three statues that can be found in front of the former German concentration camp in Falkensee, Germany. More….

(December 16, 2012)


Info-Email December 12, 2012


Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting 2013 in Borgloon, Belgium

Next years’ meeting will be held on Saturday April 20, 2013 in Borgloon, Belgium. That part of the country is famous for its beautiful blossoming fruit trees and that, as you certainly are aware, can only be enjoyed during springtime.

The organizers, Eddy Knapen en Jos Schoels have worked hard to put together a very nice and interesting program, including a coach-trip in the area and a visit to a local syrup factory. For more details…..

(December 09, 2012)

Seasons Greetings

If you would like to greet your old and new 3-monkey collector friends through this website, make sure that we receive your information in time. We will make sure that all will be included in our Guestbook. Send your texts, illustrations and photos to the well-known email address or use this form.

(December 05, 2012)

Picture of the Month - December 2012      

Mot Buchanan from Ohio, USA makes a living with balloon twisting and if you don’t know what that is, have a look at our Picture of the Month (and click there on the link for his website). 

(November 30, 2012)

Theatre Group with a hear-see-speak-no-evil performance

A Dutch Group “De Firma Zorgbehang” offers theatre performances on request for all kinds of themes related to mental illnesses and health. That includes a show with hear-see-speak no evil. More….. (in Dutch language only)

(November 26, 2012)


On November 11 at 11.11am the European carnival season has started. It is interesting to see how the hear-see-speak-no-evil theme has inspired some of the participating groups. The latest photos are at the bottom of the page, as usual. More…..

(November 22, 2012)


Sometimes I get the feeling that the Guestbook of this website contains more information than the Newsletter page you are now reading. Anyway, when visiting this website, it is a good idea to always have a quick look at our Guestbook, not to miss out on some of the interesting topics from all over the world. More…..

(November 17, 2012)

Hear, see and speak no evil emoji (emoticons)

For those of you who have any idea what we are speaking of: we were informed that new emoji (emoticons) have been developed for IO6, including the three wise monkeys. More…..

(November 11, 2012)


Frequent visitors to this website will notice that something is different here. This webpage has been face lifted and modernized and we hope that it now is somewhat easier to find what you are looking for. There still is a long list of links in the left column, but that is inevitable with a comprehensive website as this one is. We welcome any comments or suggestions.

(November 06, 2012)

Picture of the Month - November 2012      

The Picture of the Month of November 2012 concerns the Presidential Elections in the United States of America. More…..

(October 30, 2012)      


 Info-Email October 29, 2012


Three-Monkey Collectors meeting 2013 in Europe

Next years’ meeting will be held on April 20, 2013 in Borgloon, Belgium. Borgloon is called the “Pearl of Haspengouw”, the fruit cultivation area of Belgium, famous for its richly blossoming fruit trees. More information about the meeting will be available in this website later.

(October 28, 2012)     

3-Monkey Collectors day 2012 in the Netherlands

The photo album of this successful meeting is now available in this website. Many thanks to all of you who have sent us their photos, so that we had many to choose from. More….

(October 24, 2012)    

CD with the three monkeys

It is not uncommon that the three no evil monkeys are illustrated on the cover of a music CD. But when the CD is titled Three Wise Monkeys and some of the tracks are called Toshogu Shrine, Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru and Three Wise Monkeys, it definitively looks like a collectible for any three-monkey enthusiast.

Band leader is Alberto Rigoni from Italy and all information about this CD can be found on this site, including ordering information: 

(October 19, 2012)      

The Three-Monkey Collectors Meeting 2012 in the Netherlands

The recent meeting was a great success, also thanks to the perfect organization by Gerda and Gozen Beikes. The attendance of 40 people was a little below expectations, but the meeting had a family-like atmosphere and very much appreciated by all participants.

(October 14, 2012)      

New board game about the three wise monkeys

Very recently, University Games B.V. in the Netherlands has issued a new board game about hear, see and speak no evil. The game is initially issued in Dutch, French and Finnish and the English and German versions are in the planning for 2013. More information will be published in the University Games website.

(October 09, 2012)     

Picture of the Month - October 2012

Hear, see and speak no evil pumpkins are the theme of the Picture of the Halloween-Month of October. More…..

(September 30, 2012)      

World’s second largest three-monkey item

Some time ago we reported about probably world’s largest 3-monkey item, a hot air balloon. Now we are happy to present a runner-up, an inflatable 3-monkey bouncer temple.

If you want to have a look at more unique/rare no evil items, click here.

(September 22, 2012)      

Hear, see and speak no evil nail art

Here are two tutorial videos for those who want to paint the three wise monkeys on their fingernails (or toenails). Video 1 - Video 2.  We wonder what kind of body art will be next. (Tattoos, piercing and contact lenses with the three monkeys do already exist)

(September 16, 2012)          

The 3-monkey hotel in Thailand

Earlier this year we wrote about the Rest Hotel in Thailand that is using the three-monkey logo in many different ways. Fellow collector Heike from Germany has recently visited this hotel and she has kindly sent us a short story and photos. You can read it in our Guestbook.

(September 11, 2012)  

Moving 3-Monkeys

Tatsuro Gotoh in Japan has recently created for us a nice animated picture of the three wise monkeys. Click here to view. After a few seconds the monkeys will start moving. We also discovered another three monkey animation on the internet, made from a well-known photo. View…. Did you know that there is a full page in this website with all kinds three-monkey of animations? More…..

(September 06, 2012)        

Picture of the Month - September 2012      

Our picture for this month is graffiti with the three wise monkeys, discovered in Dresden Germany. It looks like a template was used, so there may be more of them around. More…..

(August 31, 2012)         


Info-Email August 26, 2012


Three-Monkeys-Collectors-Day 2012 in Nieuwe Pekela, the Netherlands

Don’t forget to register in time for the Three-Monkeys-Collectors-Day on Saturday September 29 2012 in Nieuwe Pekela in the North of the Netherlands. Gerda en Gozen Beikes have worked hard to present a very nice program. For information and the registration form......

(August 26, 2012)      

Collectors portrait Abbey Chase, Florida

With an eye for beautiful objects, 3-monkey collector Abbey Chase has put together a relatively small but exquisite collection of wise monkey figurines. Read her story in our Collectors Gallery. More…..

(August 20, 2012)        

Our Guestbook & Message Board    

A visit to our website is not complete without a quick look at the Guestbook. Over the years it has become a very interesting source of information about all what is happening in the three wise monkeys’ world! More…..

(August 15, 2012)    

Three-Monkeys collectors meeting 2012 in Chicago, IL, USA

The Meeting was a great success. Many thanks to Sheila & Burt Handler and family for organizing this event and also for their great hospitality. Pictures are now online. More…..

(August 09, 2012)   

A new 3-monkey collectors portrait - Roslyn Slepian, USA

Roz Slepian, the Grand Dame of the American Three-Monkey world, is still participating in US Three-Monkey Conferences. Read her story how her 3-monkey collection started and what the wise monkeys mean to her. More…..

(August 06, 2012)      

Picture of the Month - August 2012      

The Picture of this Month shows three angels holding hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil banners in a church in the United Kingdom. More…..

(August 01, 2012)  naar_boven 

Summer Break

Summer break till early August.

We wish you a nice time with many new three-monkey items for your collection.

(July 01, 2012)  naar_boven

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