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July 15-17, 2011 - No Evil Monkey Collectors will meet

in Carson City, NV, USA. Click here for photos of this year’s meeting.



With 53 participants the 3-Monkey Collectors Day of September 25, 2010

in Brielle, Holland was a great success. For pictures click here.







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Picture of the Month - July 2010


This month we show something completely different. Three monkeys on a tomb on a graveyard in Santiago in Chile. Click here to have a look and here to view all other Monthly Pictures since the start of this website

(June 30, 2010)     

“Orphans” page with incomplete hear-see-speak-no-evils 


A number of single No Evil items (so called “Orphans”) have been reunited and several other single pieces have been added. Click here to view the page with incomplete 3-monkey sets. Maybe you’ll find that one missing monkey that will make your set complete. You can also send us pictures of your own incomplete sets, which will be published for free.

(June 21, 2010)     

Photos of the Collectors Meeting in Kansas City


Three-Monkey Collectors from seven US states and three different countries recently met in Kansas City, KS, USA. Click here to view a picture album.

(June 16, 2010)     

Three-Monkey Collectors meeting in the Netherlands on September 25, 2010


As you can see in the header of this News Bulletin, already 50 participants have registered for the meeting in Holland and it is quite possible that this year we will attain a record attendance.

The yearly collectors meetings are interesting and worthwhile for the following main reasons:

  • To meet with fellow collectors and the opportunity to make new friends
  • To exchange all kinds of information about collecting no evil monkey items
  • To buy new items and sell duplicates during the afternoon session

Are you interested to learn more? Click here. See you in Brielle!

(June 11, 2010)     

Kansas City June 4-6, 2010


Three-monkey collectors from North America are now getting together in Kansas City, KS. The program includes interesting presentations about the three wise monkeys, the sale of special collectables as well as visits to local members to view their “no evil” collections. There also is enough time to meet with old and new 3-monkey friends and to do sightseeing and “monkey hunting”. We will report about this meeting and show photos as soon as possible.

(June 04, 2010)     

Picture of the Month - June 2010


This month’s photo was taken in Enschede Holland, where citizens protested with a wall painting of the 3 monkeys against government plans to change the accessibility of the inner city. Click here to have a look and here to view all other Monthly Pictures that we have put together over the past years.

(May 31, 2010)     

View Guestbook


There are a number of interesting new entries in the Guestbook; certainly worthwhile to have a look. Click here.

(May 24, 2010)     

New “unique” No Evils


Two more interesting No Evils were added to our UNIQUE items page, a bronze statue and a desk clock, items UN49 and UN50. Click here to view them. If you want to see all other very special items on that page, then click here.

(May 17, 2010)     

Newsletter emails


Yesterday our bi-monthly Newsletter email was sent out. Our mailing list contains more than 400 addresses worldwide, mostly three-monkey collectors but also others who are interested in the subject of hear see and speak no evil. We thank all of you for your interest and for visiting our website. If you have subscribed but do not receive our emails, if you would like us to use another email address or if you want to be removed from our list, please let us know. Many thanks for your help to keep our mailing list up-to-date.

Click here to contact us.

(May 10, 2010)     

Our No Evil Monkeys collectors store


Several interesting new three-monkey items were recently added to our online store, including a unique pair of No Evil monkey sunglasses. Click here, If you are interested in any of our items, just let us know. We will be pleased to send you further information, including shipping costs and safe payment. This is relaxed collector to collector business and no “evil” strings attached. Should you attend the upcoming Collectors Meeting in Kansas City (June 4-6) we can handover the items to you, so that you can save on shipping costs.

(May 08, 2010)     

Another three monkey collection on the internet


We discovered the web-blog of a collector in the USA who introduces and describes her collection of no evil items. Click here to have a look.  Our website page about three monkey collections on the internet now includes about 25 links to a variety of interesting sites. Click here to view them all.

(May 04, 2010)     

Picture of the Month - May 2010


This month we feature a photo recently taken on the beach of Barcelona, Spain: three monkeys made of sand. Click here for the Picture  and here for all other Monthly Pictures

(April 30, 2010)     

Three-Monkey Collectors Gathering on June 4-6, 2010 in Kansas City, KS, USA


This date is coming closer now and all people who have expressed their interest in this event will soon receive an email from organizer Gregg Ottinger with further details. If you also would like to know more about this meeting, please let us know through the contact form of our website. Click here!  

Kansas City 2010 is a unique opportunity to meet with fellow collectors, to learn more about the origin and meaning of the 3-monkey symbol and to purchase or exchange duplicates. See you in Kansas!!!!

Click here to see what has been published about this gathering so far.

(April 28, 2010)     

Another weird “three-monkey” item


A skeleton posing as hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil in motion is certainly not everybody’s taste but it sure is a curiosity. Click here.

(April 28, 2010)     

An Art Nouveau wall plaque in bronze with hear, see and speak no evil


Two almost identical bronze wall plaques that carry the signatures of two different designers. Who knows more about these items and has the correct answer? Click here for the photos.

(April 24, 2010)     

Probably the weirdest three-monkeys you’ve ever seen


Face painter James Kuhn has created a 3-monkey painting that really is out of the ordinary, to say the least. Click here for the photos and further down on that page is a video clip where you can also see these three monkeys in motion.

(April 20, 2010)     

Trifari fashion jewelry with the three monkeys


Almost 70 years old is a very nice set of three monkey brooches, designed in 1941 by Alfred Philippe for Trifari, a company specialized in fashion jewelry. Click here to view the pictures and here for of all other unique three-monkey items.

(April 16, 2010)     

Our website featured in France


It is with pleasure to report that we are now specially featured in Arche aux Collections, an interesting French website about all kinds of collections and collectibles.  If you want to have a look, just click here. To fully enjoy that site, some knowledge of the French language is certainly helpful, but otherwise just “Click and Ye Shall Find”.

(April 12, 2010)     

New Appraisals/Valuations


Several emails with photos have been sent to us with the request for more information about Hear, See and Speak No Evils. Click here to read the reports. Most recent are #52, #53, #54.

(April 08, 2010)     

Seasonal Greetings


Our special No Evil greetings for the season can be viewed in the Guestbook. Click here.

(April 03, 2010)     

Picture of the Month - April 2010


Friends of ours recently toured India and during a stay in Goa, they spotted three large wise monkeys that probably have been part of a New Year’s celebration or parade. Luckily they took a picture. Click here to view.

If you have an interesting or funny photo of the three monkeys that could qualify as a Picture of the Month, we will be happy to receive a copy and if possible the story that goes with it. Thanks in advance for helping us to keep this website interesting and up-to-date.

(March 31, 2010)     

On April 1, 2010 this website will be three years old


Soon will be celebrating its third anniversary and that is a good moment for some reflections.

In a recent worldwide website popularity study, our site ranked number 3,471,251. Not very exciting at first glance, but if you know that there are an estimated 200,000,000 websites, we have left 196,528,749 sites behind us. And that looks already a bit better.

Some statistics:

  • Our Newsletter email is now sent out to 411 email addresses in 23 countries.
  • Over the past three years there were 264 entries in our Guestbook which have made it to one of the frequently visited pages of our website.
  • When searching in Google for information about the three wise monkeys, usually shows up on one of the first pages of the search results.

(March 28, 2010)     

Once more our Monthly Picture for March 2010


When selecting the actual Picture of the Month, we were certainly not aware that this photo would be so appropriate to the present news stories about clerical child abuse. Click here for the Picture   

(March 22, 2010)     

3-Monkey Collectors Meeting on June 4-6, 2010 in Kansas City, KS, USA


The program and all other information about the 3-monkey collectors meeting in Kansas City, KS are now available on this website. If you collect the No Evils you should not miss this opportunity to meet with fellow collectors, to learn more about the 3 monkeys and to buy and/or sell duplicates. Click here for further details.

(March 21, 2010)     

Three-Monkey-Collectors Portraits    


Our Collectors’ Gallery now includes 39 three-wise-monkey collectors from 11 countries all over the world, with collections that range from as few as 3 figurines to over 3000 items. If you collect the No Evils too, your collection most probably ranges in between these figures and you certainly do qualify for an own portrait in our website. All we basically need from you is one or more pictures and your story. All translations, layout and publication will be done by us. And the best of it, it is completely free.

A unique opportunity for all who share our enthusiasm for the three wise monkeys to have an own free webpage about their collection in four languages.

And this helps us to make our website even more attractive, day by day.

Are you interested? Please let us know.

(March 18, 2010)     

No evil website update


Fellow 3-monkey collector Yvette Lercangee from Belgium has recently updated her website. All is in Dutch language, but maybe you want just see pictures of her collection. Click here for the site and then click in the left column on horen zien en zwijgen, where you can choose between “Mijn verzameling” (my collection), “Nieuwe aanwinsten” (new additions) and “Mooie HZZ plaatjes” (Nice no evil pictures). Click here for an album / slide show of her collection.

(March 10, 2010)     

Newsletter emails


Yesterday our free bi-monthly Newsletter email was sent out to over 400 addresses of three-monkey collectors but also to others who are interested in hear see and speak no evil. If you have subscribed but did not receive our email, if you would like us to use another email address or if you want to be removed from our list, please let us know. Many thanks for helping us to keep the list up-to-date.

Click here to contact us.

(March 06, 2010)     

Collectors meeting on June 4-6, 2010 in Kansas City, KS, USA


All who are interested in this gathering of 3-monkey-collectors in the US are strongly advised to send us a short message, so that they will be included in the mailing list for this event. It is a unique opportunity to meet with fellow collectors, to make new friends and to exchange information and duplicates. Click here to send us a message.

(March 05, 2010)     

Three Monkeys Collectors store


Several interesting new 3-monkey items were added to our online collectors shop. If there is something you like, just let us know and we will be pleased to give you further information about the item, about shipping costs to your address and/or to reserve it for you. Click here to have a look in the store.

(March 04, 2010)     

A wise monkeys painting


A painting of the four wise monkeys, painted by a very talented girl of only 12 years old. Click here for details

(March 02, 2010)     

Picture of the Month - March 2010


The Picture of the Month for March 2010 shows three European priests in hear, see and speak no evil position. Click here for the Picture and here for all other Monthly Pictures.

We have featured a similar photo earlier, which was our Picture of the Month for February 2007. Click here.

(February 28, 2010)     

Book about the three wise monkeys


We were able to obtain a few more copies of Michio Iida’s book about the origin of the three wise monkeys. Although the book is in Japanese language, we think that it should not be missed in any serious three-monkey collection. Click here for more information about book and author.

Here is our special offer for all destinations worldwide: book including postage by Swiss Post standard mail for US$ 38.00  Interested? Click here to contact us.  We will then be pleased to email information about all payment possibilities, including PayPal. Offer valid while supply lasts.

(February 27, 2010)   

Collectors portrait : Louis Peignier from France


Louis Peignier from France is collecting the no evils for about 20 years. Not only monkey statues, but also other animals and other objects, like ashtrays and brooches. If you are interested, click here to read his story. If you want to see all other collectors’ portraits, click here.

(February 23, 2010) 

How much is a three monkey figurine worth?


This question we receive almost every day and we always try to answer to the best of our knowledge. Imagine our “surprise” when we discovered an internet auction in Germany for a very common three monkey item that ended at 75 Euro (over US$ 100). This item we would have estimated at max. US$ 10. This is what can happen, when two bidders are fighting over an item (A real vendors dream). Click here and scroll down that page to see the bidding history. (In German only)

(February 18, 2010) 

Carnival and the three monkeys


As announced earlier, the three monkeys could be seen today during the carnival in Cologne, Germany, click here, but also in Lucerne Switzerland, click here.

(February 15, 2010) 

The French wave


If you now have a look in the Guestbook you’ll see quite a number of messages from French No Evil Collectors. How come???? During the past months Yvelyne Auzou and I have worked hard on the French edition of, which now is almost ready. Yesterday we have informed all No Evil collectors in France and the reactions are extremely positive. As a result of this four participants from France have already registered for the Three-Monkeys Meeting in Brielle.

(February 14, 2010)  

Paintings about life in Japan


Fujita Masatoshi has created a lot of artwork about life in Japan. Interesting is that some of his paintings are showing a Koshin stone (stele) with Shoumen Kongou and the three monkeys. Reason enough to feature this artist in our website. Click here for the page about Fujita Masatoshi and here for all other artwork with no evils.

(February 13, 2010)      

The 3-Monkey Collectors Day 2010 in Europe


We received a message from Yvonne & Henk Vonk, who are organizing this event, that they are already quite busy with the preparations for this meeting. Click here for details and here for the registration form. If you plan to participate, why not register now? The organizers are thanking you in advance! At this moment there are already 20 registrants from 4 different countries.

(February 10, 2010)  

New three-monkey items


Photos of new 3-monkey items were added to the following pages: cars, snowglobes and phonecards. Also in the albums with perishable monkeys some very nice three-monkey sculptures made of snow, ice and sand can be seen. Enjoy.

(February 03, 2010)  

Picture of the Month - February 2010


The Picture of the Month for February 2010 is an almost 50 year’s old black & white photo from the TV Series “Lost in Space”. Click here for the Picture and here for all other Pictures of the Month.

(January 31, 2010)  

Auction of a Monkey Collection


During the next auction of Auctionhouse Karrenbauer in Germany, the monkey collection of the Affenberg in Salem in Germany will be for sale. The collection also includes some 3-monkey figurines. Details and links in our Guestbook Entry #249.

(January 30, 2010)  

Carnival 2010 in Cologne, Germany


One of the theme-carriages of this years’ carnival in Cologne will show the three monkeys. They represent the responsible authorities for the disaster with the collapse of the town-archive building during construction work on the Cologne subway system in 2009. Click here for this and two more carriage designs.

The world-famous carnival parade (Zoch) is held on February 15, 2010 and is almost 5 miles long. Maybe you’ll have a chance to watch it on TV and just keep a lookout for a carriage with a big elephant and the 3 monkeys.

(January 26, 2010)  

Ce nu dorim de la voi


By chance we discovered a Rumanian internet forum titled Ce nu dorim de la voi. The blog contains almost 150 entries about the three monkeys, including many illustrations, photos, links etc. If you want to have a look, just click here. Anyone who can tell us more about the meaning of the forum is very welcome to let us know.

(January 20, 2010)  

New layout


Frequent visitors to have immediately noticed that this page looks different. On the left side is a long list with direct links to the various pages and albums of this website. The reason for this new layout is that all those who only visit this website through the Newsletter, often have no idea what else is published about Hear See and Speak No Evil. That’s why!  We will be pleased to read your opinion about the new layout. Click here to send us a message. Many thanks in advance.

(January 09, 2010)  

Epiphany-the visit of the Three Magi – Kings of the Orient


On January 6 (Epiphany) a special cake is baked that contains one bean. The person who finds this bean in his piece of cake is the King for that day. This custom exists in a number of countries. In France small ceramic figurines are used instead of real beans. And yes, these “beans” also exist in the shape of three monkeys! Last year we could only present one example of these rare items. Now we can even show a set of three separate no evil monkeys. Click here.

(January 06, 2010)  

The 3-monkey collection of Yvelyne Auzou


Yvelyne is a fellow three-monkey collector in France who is tremendously helping me with the translation of this website into French. Yvelyne has just now published photos of her 3 monkey collection on the internet and if you want to see them, click here. If you want to see other 3 monkey collections on the internet, click here. And to view Yvelyne’s Collectors Portrait, click here.

(January 05, 2010)  

No Evil Monkeys Statues


During a recent visit to Lausanne Switzerland, we revisited the 3 Monkey Fountain of Eduard Sandoz and made a new series of photographs of this interesting piece of art. Click here for the new photo album or here for the page with a photo album with three-monkey statues worldwide, that also has several new additions.

(January 02, 2010)  

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all visitors to this website and don’t forget to have a look in the Guestbook with all New Years wishes of fellow-collectors. Click here.

(January 01, 2010)  

For earlier issues of this News Bulletin see the archive in the left column, click here.



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