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December 30, 2009         Picture of the Month  - January 2010


The first Picture of the Month for the new year is a funny photograph of no evil gargoyles of Past Times in the United Kingdom. Click here for the January 2010 picture and here for an overview of all Pictures.

December 23, 2009         Edible three monkeys from Japan


Is there still more to say about the three monkeys? This question is frequently asked. Well, what do you think of the three monkeys in the shape of food or cookies?  Just click on this link and then on “edible items”. You’ll be amazed! And all of this is only from Japan. Later we will add more “edible No Evils” but from Europe!

December 20, 2009         Seasons Greetings and New Years’ Wishes   


Don’t forget to more often have a look in the Guestbook to read the many greetings and wishes by fellow collectors of the 3 monkeys. Click here. There still is time enough for your own message. Contact form.

December 19, 2009        The three monkeys and the swine flu H1N1 


If you want to know how the 3 monkeys got involved with the Swine Flu, just click here.

December 17, 2009        3-Monkey Collectors Portrait Rudolf Angliker Switzerland 


Ruedi Angliker from Switzerland collects no evil monkeys for about 40 years. The reason why and how he started his collection is quite unusual and if you are interested to read his story, click here.

December 15, 2009        People that Hear, See and Speak No Evil 


On the internet a number of picture albums with photographs of people in the “No Evil” pose can be found. We have mentioned a few of these in earlier issues of this Newsletter. These links have now been combined at the bottom of the webpage “No Evil Collections on the Internet”. If you want to have a look, just click here.

December 12, 2009         No Evil (monkeys) Art with a “blink” 


Some time ago we showed in this website pictures of Mona Lisa in hear no, see no and speak no poses. We now discovered two No Evil versions of Edvard Munch’s famous painting “The Cry”, as well as a painting with a completely different view on the Three Monkeys. Reasons enough to combine these “Pieces of Art” in one webpage, under the title: No Evil Art with a Blink. Click here.

If you want to see an overview of all No Evil paintings, click here.

December 07, 2009        The 3-Monkey-Collectors Meeting 2010 in Brielle (Holland)


The program for the meeting in 2010 is now ready and can be viewed in this website. Brielle 2010 will certainly be another interesting and pleasant day. A registration form is included. Already 8 persons have registered. Cick here

December 05, 2009        Three-Monkeys.Info website


We are frequently asked what subjects are covered in our website and where to find them. By clicking here you will get to the “sitemap” with a complete overview.

December 03, 2009       The Guestbook - Seasons Greetings and New Years Wishes   


Maybe this time you want to make an entry in the Guestbook; for example with your Seasons Greetings and New Years Wishes? That’s a nice way of saying hello to all your old and new collector friends. Just send us your messages/cards/drawings/pictures and we will make sure that all will be included. Contact form.

November 30, 2009        Picture of the Month - December 2009


A few weeks ago in downtown Zurich, Switzerland. Three men, dressed like monkeys, were holding a protest-demonstration because of the rapidly disappearing rain forests of this world. Guess what happened! Click here.

November 28, 2009        The Three-Monkeys Collectors Day 2010 in Holland


On October 7 we had announced a poll to find out what date would be most preferable for this meeting. The organizers now informed us that for several reasons only one date is possible, which is Saturday September 25, 2010. More news to follow later.

November 27, 2009        A photographer of Hear See and Speak no Evil


We received an email from Christian Berthelot, a photographer in France, that he is working for 2 years on a photo series of Hear See and Speak no Evil and that from next month on he will display his photos on an exhibition. An album with his creations can be viewed by clicking here and then once on the arrow to the right at the bottom of that page and just wait for things to come.

November 22, 2009        The three-monkeys store


In time for the upcoming gift season we have added a number of new No Evils to our collectors’ store. Please take into consideration that shipping times may be a bit longer during this time of the year. We post without delay and on request in gift wrapping and with a personal note. We will do that with pleasure and at no additional cost. Click here.

November 20, 2009         Poetry and Song Texts about hear, see and speak no evil        


The page with No Evil Poetry has been redesigned for easier navigation. There are over 80 poems and song texts in seven different languages. More than half are in English. Click here

November 15, 2009         New Appraisals/Valuations of three-monkey items


Two interesting items are being discussed; one of them is a car hood ornament. Really worthwhile reading. Click here for the latest reports and here for an overview of all appraisals.

November 11, 2009         Unique and very Special No Evils


There are several new and very special No Evils to be seen in this website and it really is worthwhile to have a look. Click here for the latest additions and  here for an overview of all “Specials”.

November 09, 2009         The Berlin Wall


Today the fall of the Berlin Wall is celebrated. It is not so much known, that shortly after its opening, some elements of the wall were painted with hear-see-speak no evils. Click here for a photo in our No Evils Graffiti-Album.

November 06, 2009         More “No Evil” paintings


Several painters and their artwork have been added to the No Evil Painting page of this website. There is quite some nudity to be seen, but that is just a coincidence. Click here.

November 03, 2009         Statistics


According to the statistics of this website we are now at an average of almost 200 visitors per day. 5% of them or daily about 10 people are staying on our website for longer than one hour.

Our mailing list for the free Newsletter includes more than 350 addresses and about 80 % of them are 3-monkey collectors.  All of that we think is quite exciting, but who really cares? Well at least your webmaster does!

October 29, 2009              Picture of the Month for November 2009


This time the monthly picture originates from Germany. Click here to have a look and here for an overview of all earlier Pictures of the Month.

October 28, 2009              New collectors portrait Yvelyne Auzou from France


Yvelyne Auzou from France also collects no evil monkeys. She has sent us photos and a nice story about her collection and all of that can now be viewed in this website. Yvelyne has offered her help with translating several pages of this website into French, which is very much appreciated of course. Click here to view her portrait and here for all other collectors portraits.

October 26, 2009              Photos of the 3 monkeys collectors’ day 2009 in Belgium


We had to wait a little while until all photos of the 2009 meeting were received, sorted and edited. A first selection can now be viewed in this website. Click here.

Many thanks to all photographers: Gerda & Gozen Beikes, Cindy Goovaerts, Renilde Hertogen, Joke & Hans Holleman and Bert Willering. More pictures to follow soon.

October 19, 2009             Study tour to Japan


During spring 2009 Anneke & Emil Schuttenhelm, together with Bruce Kittess have traveled to Japan to learn more about the origin & meaning of the three-monkey symbol and the Koshin belief. During their stay in Kamakura, Mr. Tatsuro Gotoh has accompanied them with great commitment and enthusiasm. He has published his experiences about this visit in a website. Although all texts are in Japanese, it maybe is still worthwhile to look at the photographs. Click here.

October 17, 2009            The Guestbook


Since Mid-June 2009, because of a software error, about 20 new entries in the Guestbook of this website were never published. Very annoying for all who had taken the time to write a message. This problem has meanwhile been solved and it now certainly is very worthwhile to browse in the Guestbook. There are a lot of interesting messages, also because No Evil items are offered for sale or are searched for. Click here.

October 13, 2009             Another three-monkeys website


Fellow collector Alie in the Netherlands has made a nice website about her No Evil Monkey collection. If you want to have a look, click here. The texts are in Dutch language, but the pictures speak for themselves. If you want to see all 3-monkey collections that we have so far found on the internet, click here.

October 10, 2009             Questions about ema


A number of participants in Riemst have asked for more information about the “ema” they received as a gift, following the presentation about Japan. On the following page of our website the subject of these Japanese votive tablets is explained in detail, but any further questions are very welcome. Click here.

October 07, 2009              Very good news


Yvonne & Henk Vonk are the organizers of the next 3-Monkey Collectors Meeting in Brielle (den Briel) in the Netherlands and on behalf of all collectors we thank them very much. The exact date is not yet known, but it will be September/October 2010. A poll with some possible dates has been planned, so that we hopefully can consider preferences or avoid conflicting dates.

October 05, 2009              The Three-Monkey Collectors Day in Riemst 2009


The Collectors Meeting was a great success and once more many thanks to the organizers, Isi & Jean-Marie and their family and friends. Unfortunately and because of illness, a few collectors had to cancel their registration in the last moment and we now counted a total of 52 people from 5 different countries. That is a remarkable result. More news about this event is to follow in this website.

October 03, 2009             Today finally the 3-Monkeys Collectors Day in Belgium


As usual, we will soon report about this event in this website. All who have made photos are kindly asked to send us copies, so that we can prepare a nice picture album. Many thanks in advance.

October 01, 2009              Three wise monkeys in a Safaripark


Joke & Hans Holleman have sent very nice pictures of large wise monkeys, that their daughter had taken in a safari park in France. Many thanks again. Click here.

September 30, 2009         Picture of the Month – October 2009


Like last month: hear, see and speak no evil made from ceramic, but still quite different. Click here.

September 26, 2009         Japanese TV program about the three monkeys


Yesterday we received three different email-enquiries from companies that are involved with the production of a Japanese television program about the three hear, see and speak no evil monkeys. High resolution photographs of 3 monkeys from different countries were needed within a few hours time. It was impossible to meet their request, because we are presently on travel. We suggested that they could at least copy information from our website, what they probably did. Needless to say that we are a little bit flattered.

September 25, 2009         Mona Lisa


Also ever smiling Mona Lisa liked hear, see and speak no evil. Click here. Please be patient while the picture loads.

September 23, 2009         Owls that hear, see and speak no evil


On April 26, 2009 we wrote about Ingrid Snelder from Amsterdam who collects No Evils, but owls only. She now has a new website and if you want to have a look, click here.

September 21, 2009       Cartoon from USA with hear, see and speak no evil


Another view on the Three Monkeys’ gestures. This cartoon was sent to us by Bruce Kittess USA. Click here.

September 12, 2009      For participants of the 3-Monkey Day in Belgium


In case you have seen items in our collectors’ store that you would like us to bring along to the meeting, please let us know until Tuesday evening September 15. It saves you shipping costs. Click here to visit the store.

September 11, 2009    Three-Monkey Collectors Day in Belgium - October 3, 2009


Maybe interesting to know that during the Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting in Belgium we will have participants from the following 5 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

September 10, 2009    Exhibition of No Evil figurines in Belgium


As announced on July 31 in this Newsletter fellow collector Cindy Goovaerts had organized an exhibition of her three monkey collection. She has spent a lot of time and energy on it and the result was accordingly. Click here to see the photos.

September 09, 2009    New information in this website


There are a number of pages in this website that are constantly updated with new information, without special mention. For example the Collectors Store, the Guestbook  and the Incomplete 3 Monkeys Sets.

September 07, 2009    Three-Monkey Collectors Day in Belgium - October 3, 2009


Until today, 49 persons have registered for the 3-Monkeys Collectors’ Day in Riemst. A number of people are still uncertain whether they will have a chance to come, but all in all we expect to be well over 50 participants. Make sure you join us too. It is quite a special experience to be together with so many people that all have the same hobby: the three monkeys. One hears, sees and obtains more information in one day than otherwise in an entire year! Click here for more information and here for the registration form

August 31, 2009       Picture of the Month - September 2009


Three large vases with hear-see-speak-no-evil, seen in a shop window in Sicily, Italy. Very special. Click here to enjoy and click here for an overview of all other Pictures of the Month.

August 27, 2009       Cartoon hear, See and speak no evil


Everyone is entitled to an own interpretation of Hear, See and Speak No Evil. Click here to see how Rainer Ebert feels about the “three monkeys”.

August 23, 2009       Paintings with hear, see and speak no evil women


Based on the theme “the ideal woman”, Armina Levoni from Switzerland has created over the past years a series of drawings, sketches and paintings about hear, see and speak no evil. Very worthwhile to have a look. Click here to view the album.

August 19, 2009       Witch hunt in the UK after a folder depicting the 3 monkeys


In the UK four trade union workers have been banned for a total of 15 years after a 'witch hunt' found them guilty of racism in connection with a leaflet depicting the "three wise monkeys". More… , Click here for the folder and here for further information.

August 15, 2009        Three Monkeys for your desktop background (wallpaper)


In case you are looking for a picture of the three monkeys to decorate your computer screen, just click here. There are instructions how to install, but maybe you want to leave that easy job for your (grand)children?

August 13, 2009        3-Monkeys Collectors Meeting of Oct. 3 in Belgium 


Last years’ meeting counted 52 participants. We are now already at 40 registrations and we are confident that more will follow. Don’t miss out. Click here for more information and here for the registration form.

August 10, 2009        New book about the three wise monkeys

                                    Sekai no San-en Sono Genryuu wo tazunete (世界の三猿) 


The book that Michio Iida, Kyoto, Japan has announced in his collectors portrait has now been published. The title is Three Wise Monkeys of the world, tracing their roots. The book has 206 pages with 72 illustrations in black and white. Click here for a picture of the cover. Unfortunately, at least for most of us, it is written in Japanese language only and an English translation has not been foreseen. There is the possibility to order this book through the store of this website. Click here. On request, orders can also be delivered at the collectors’ meeting in Riemst.

August 06, 2009       At the age of seven, one of the youngest no evil monkeys collectors 


Mandy (7) is very excited about the hear-see-speak no evil monkeys. She is making drawings of them and even paintings, she is going to speak about the monkeys at school and now she is saving her pocket money to buy more 3-monkey figurines. Click here for her collector’s portrait.

August 03, 2009       Paintings with hear, see and speak no evil monkeys


In 2008 Dorine Quist from the Netherlands has created three nice paintings with the three well-known no evil monkeys. Each painting is about 20” x 20”.  Click here.

July 31, 2009              Exhibition of No Evil figurines in Belgium


On Sunday August 16, Cindy Goovaerts will have her collection of approx. 60 No Evils on display in Museum het Molenijzer in Putte, Belgium. She would enjoy meeting with fellow collectors there. Click here for more details. (Dutch language only)

July 29, 2009             Picture of the Month - August 2009


The Picture of the Month for August 2009 is from the Philippines. Huge monkey statues in an amusement park belonging to a restaurant. Click here for viewing and here for all other Monthly Pictures.

July 27, 2009             Collectors Portrait Cindy Goovaerts, Belgium


Cindy Goovaerts lives in Belgium and she is an enthusiastic collector of hear see and speak no evil statues. She now has her own page in this website where she explains how and why she has started her collection and also what the No Evil symbol means to her. Click here to read her story and to view the pictures. And click here to see all other collectors’ portraits.

July 25, 2009              New Appraisals/Valuations


Several emails and photos have been received asking for more information about Hear, See and Speak No Evils. Click here to read the reports. Most recent are #43, #44, #45 and #46.

July 21, 2009              Lyrics and poetry about hear, see and speak no evil


Nine lyrics and poems about the hear, see and speak no evil theme were added to this website (in English, German and Dutch). In total we are now at 78. Click here and the latest additions are marked with a light blue background.

July 17, 2009               No Evil Paintings


Several years ago, Candice (Candy) Keegan in USA has made a series of self-portraits in the hear-see-speak-no-evil pose. I have now put her “no evil” drawings and paintings in a separate album and I hope you’ll enjoy. Click here.

July 13, 2009              The No Evil Monkeys Collectors Store


Visit the Collectors store of this website. Quite a number of No Evils have been added and maybe you’ll find that special item you have been looking for. In case you have planned to join the Three-Monkeys-Collectors Day in Riemst, Belgium, you can reserve items and we will bring them along. Saves you postage. Click here.

July 11, 2009              The Guestbook


There are a number of interesting new entries in the Guestbook; certainly worthwhile to have a look. Click here.

July 08, 2009              Three Monkey Figurines from Nepal


By chance I was able to add another set of very special 3 monkey figurines from Nepal to the collection. These items are handmade, and once seen - never forgotten. Reasons enough to show them on a separate page. Click here and then on Nepal.




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