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March 2009 - June 2009 News Issues

June 30, 2009             Picture of the Month – July 2009


Nice pictures of long rows of hear, see and speak no evil gnomes in a park in Belgium, which we gladly use as Picture of the Month for July 2009, with many thanks to Miet Hermans.

To view all other Pictures of the Month, just click here.


June 28, 2009             Restaurants and Hotels with Three Monkeys’ logo.


Two more hotel/restaurants that carry the 3 monkeys in their logo have been added to this website. One is in Macau (near Hong Kong) and the other one in Nikko, Japan. This last one is a hotel that unfortunately recently modified its website. In the old website was a large animated 3 monkey’s logo with several interesting explanations about the three monkeys. Now only a small 3-monkeys symbol is left, but the hotel still belongs to the group. Click here and as always, the latest additions are at the bottom of that page.


June 26, 2009             Collectors Portrait Yvette Lercangée, Belgium


As announced in the Newsletter of June 15, 2009: the collector’s portrait of Yvette Lercangée from Belgium is now ready. Click here to read when, how and why she has started to collect hear, see and speak no evils. There also is a link to her own website. To view all other collectors portraits click here.


June 24, 2009             New Unique No Evils


Several new interesting items have been added to the section: Unique / Special No Evils. As always, the latest additions are at the bottom of that page (UN39 en UN40).


June 22, 2009             Three Monkeys Collectors Meeting 2009 in Riemst Belgium


At this very moment more than 30 participants have already registered through this website or by mail and there are many more expected to come. A number of them have already committed themselves verbally. Everyone who collects hear, see and speak no evils is very welcome (including partner of course). And remember, if you have three items of “anything” you are already considered a collector. Click here for the registration form or here if you want to read more about it.


There is a small change in the program. After lunch we will move with all own cars to the Restaurant Bevershof in Bilzen, where also the evening dinner will take place. There (and that is new now) the presentations and the sales of 3-monkey duplicates will take place. That means that when arriving at the caves in the morning, don’t start “dragging” boxes, but leave all the sales items in your car until the afternoon. For all further information, click here. There you will also find suggestions for overnight accommodations.


June 18, 2009             Three Monkey collectors in 21 countries


Through this website we meanwhile have come into contact with collectors of the No Evils in 21 different countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Réunion, Serbia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA. The Newsletter is sent out to many more countries, but these are people that are interested in the Hear, See and Speak no Evil theme, but are no collectors (yet).


June 16, 2009             An interesting No Evil Monkeys collection on the internet.


Yvette Lercangée from Belgium is showing her No Evil Monkey collection on the internet and that includes some very nice items. She is new to our collectors’ group and we hope to meet with her this Fall during the Three-Monkeys Collectors Day in Riemst in Belgium. Soon we will publish a Collectors’ Portrait of Yvette in this website. Click here to view the photo-album.  If you want to see more No Evil Monkeys collections on the internet: Click here.


June 13, 2009             Restaurants and Hotels with the Three Monkeys


In this website we have a page with links to hotels and restaurants that call themselves “Three Monkeys” or where No Evil Monkeys can be seen. A new addition is a restaurant in the Philippines with huge 3 Monkey statues. Also new is a hotel in Thailand. Click here and as always, the new additions are at the bottom of that page.


June 11, 2009             A new collectors portrait: Hans van de Sande in the Netherlands


On May 27, 2009 we wrote in this Newsletter about Hans van der Sande who collects photographs of people in No Evil Monkeys poses. Hans has now sent us information and pictures for an extraordinary collectors’ portrait. Click here and then on the picture.


June 09, 2009             Do-It-Yourself No Evil Monkeys?


For those who want to make their own 3-monkey-figurine: In the Zoo of Milwaukee, WI, USA you can mould your own three monkey set for 2 US Dollar only. Click here and go to item UN38.


June 07, 2009             No Evil animations


Moving No Evil pictures are very popular in the internet. This we know from the visitors statistics of this website. We have been able to add a number of new funny animations. Click here.


June 04, 2009             No Evil Cars and Motorbikes


For a long time the page with “No Evil Cars” included four items. Two more have been added now; one of them is a motorbike with no evil skulls. Click here for viewing.


May 31, 2009               Picture of the Month – June 2009


A front page of the Daily Mail about the present expenses allowances scandal of politicians in the United Kingdom makes an interesting Picture of the Month for May 2009. Click here.


May 27, 2009               Photographs of hear-see-speak no evil people


Fellow collector Hans van der Sande in the Netherlands enjoys to arrange photos of people in the three no evils pose and publishes these on the internet. More….


May 25, 2009               African masks with three no evil monkeys


Several new pictures of interesting items have been added to the album that shows African masks with hear-see-speak-no-evil monkeys. Click here to view.


May 24, 2009               Three monkeys ladies handbag / purse


Today we are featuring a 3 monkey’s ladies purse from USA. Although it was produced only about 10 years ago, it is now already a real collector’s item (UN37). More......


May 17, 2009             “Orphans”  -  incomplete Hear-see-speak-no-evils 


A number of single No Evil “Orphans” have been reunited and several new items have been added to this site. Click here to visit the page with incomplete 3-monkey sets. Maybe you will find that one missing monkey you have been searching for so long time. You can also send us pictures of your own incomplete sets, which will be added for free.


May 14, 2009              A website about Deities in Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism


About a month ago I had the pleasure to meet with Mark Schumacher, a long time Japan resident based in Kamakura. He works as a writer, editor, PC consultant, and translator (J-E) for major Japanese and foreign entities. Among others, he has created a very elaborate website about Buddhism & Shintoism in Japan for which he is highly respected by both Japanese and foreign specialists. In this website, Mark Schumacher also gives detailed information about monkey mythology in Japan, including the three hear, see and speak no evil monkeys. I strongly advise anyone interested in this subject to visit this website and to bookmark it for future reference.


May 11, 2009              Antique ema with the three monkeys


By own experience I know how difficult it is to find 3-monkey items that are over 100 years old. By chance I had an opportunity to purchase a Japanese ema that dates back to the 17th / 18th century. Read more…..


May 06, 2009               Chris Ewan: The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam


I have just finished reading this most enjoyable crime novel. Throughout the entire story three no evil monkey figurines play an important role and make it fun reading for all who are interested in them. I made a special effort to buy the first English edition that shows the 3 monkeys on the cover jacket. This picture seems to have disappeared on later editions and is also not shown on the Dutch and German issues. (ISBN: 978 1 902421 223)


May 04, 2009              Three Monkeys as Chopstick holders ?


The list of items with three monkeys seems endless. We recently featured some odd items like a car mascot, a bean for a French Three Magic Cake, a manhole cover and now we can show 3-monkeys chopstick rests. Read more ….


April 30, 2009               Picture of the Month – May 2009


Three beautiful geishas posing like the three no evil monkeys in front of the famous Yasaka Koshindo in Kyoto, Japan. Click here.


April 28, 2009               Mahatma Gandhi and the three monkeys


On March 08, 2009 we wrote about the auction of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal belongings. Now we can show a very special statue of Gandhi together with the three no evil monkeys in the foreground. Click here.


April 26, 2009               Owls that hear, see and speak no evil


Ingrid Snelder from Amsterdam collects No Evil figurines, but wise owls only. Her collection can be seen on her website. Click here. No Evil Owls are not very common and it is hard for her to find new items. That’s why she has written a message in our Guestbook (in Dutch language) and she hopes for some reactions with helpful hints. Click here.


April 24, 2009                Portrait of Michio Iida in Japan


A few weeks ago we were in Kyoto, Japan and had the pleasure and honour to meet with Mr. Michio Iida and his wife Brigitte. He is an authority in the field of the Three Monkeys and is author of several books about this and related subjects. Read the whole story. Click here and then on his picture.


April 21, 2009                Manhole Covers with the Three Monkeys???


Hard to believe but it is true! Manhole Covers with the Three Monkeys. Yes, no kidding! A little big and heavy for the collection, but very interesting to know that such items exist. Click here.


April 20, 2009                Three-Monkeys Collectors Day 2009 in Riemst, Belgium


From the organizers Isi and Jean-Marie we received a very good message: 21 persons have already registered for the Three-Monkeys Collectors Day on October 3, 2009. By own experience we know how pleasant these early registrations are. It helps tremendously with the planning of the room, the number of selling-tables, the souvenirs, the program, food & beverages and many other matters.  Therefore our appeal to all that are planning to participate: Don’t wait longer and register now. Click here for more info about the Collectors Meeting and here for the registration form.


April 16, 2009                 Christine Bassett presents her 3 monkey collection       


In this new collectors’ portrait Christine from the UK explains why and how she has started her three no evil monkeys collection. Click here and then on her picture.

And if you want to see the portraits of other three-monkey collectors, click here. 


April 13, 2009                 Another French three-monkeys collector with a 3-monkey web log


We have come in to contact with Antonia in France, who is busy with presenting her three-monkey collection (as well as other information) in her internet web log. Her site can be found by clicking here. If you want to see what other no evil monkeys’ collections are available on the internet, click here and scroll down on that page.


March 26, 2009              Three-Monkeys.Info is 2 years old!


On April 1, 2009 (Aprils fools day, ha-ha!) will become 2 years old. Many thanks to all collectors and other interested visitors for their contributions that have made this website as interesting as it hopefully is. For any ideas, suggestions or additions, click here for the Guestbook or send us an email.


March 25, 2009              Picture of the Month – April 2009


Just a colorful picture of a College Brass Band in USA. Unfortunately, we have no further details, but that does not matter so much. It is very refreshing to see that youngsters are so engaged in the Hear, See and Speak no Evil theme. Click here.


March 24, 2009              New information


New and interesting new No Evils are being discussed in the following sections of this website: Unique / Unusual No Evil Items and in Appraisals / Valuations


March 22, 2009              Slot machine with the three monkeys         


If you have been looking for a new slot machine, here is your chance: Atronic Slot Machine 3 Monkeys


March 17, 2009              Collectors portrait Lena Ringberg from Sweden


On February 5 we had already reported about Lena Ringberg from Sweden who has her own website showing her No Evil Monkeys collection. Lena has now sent us a number of nice pictures and her story and that all has been put together in her collectors’ portrait.  Click here.


March 13, 2009              Collectors portrait Astrid Slegers from Holland


Again a new collector’s portrait in this website: this time Astrid Slegers from Holland. She explains what kind of No Evils she is particularly searching for and she also shows how her collection is now displayed in very nice glass cabinets. Click here. 

Maybe you also would want to present your 3-monkey collection in this website? Just let us know. We need one or more pictures and a story. The rest we will do. (And the best of it, it’s free)


March  08, 2009              Mahatma Gandhi’s personal belongings on auction


Most of us may know that among the very few personal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi was a three-monkey figurine. On March 5, 2009 some of the Gandhi items have been sold in New York for 1.8 million US Dollar. Did this auction include the three monkeys? Read more ……





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