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affensymbol3                   Appraisal: 121.212

Name: Kerry Lacky

Country: USA

Date: December 13, 2012

Want to sell this item?:  yes





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image002  I have a set of 3 rare Japanese 'No Evil' 1930s Stuffed Monkeys. I have had an independent, professional valuation but would appreciate your opinion as I want to sell these and your collector members are most likely my best audience.

These belonged to a great, great aunt, born in 1910. She always valued these and they were securely locked away in a box. The hands are ‘nailed’ into the traditional poses of 'See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil'. They measure 13cms long. The arms and legs move freely.

They feel very tightly compact. There is no evidence of a squeaker in the body. Their hands and feet are made of felt and 'fingers' are clearly stitched. Some small areas of fur are worn and I can see small metal loops protruding. 'Speak No Evil' no longer has the miniscule nails holding the hands in place to the mouth. He also is showing some straw to the right of his nostril.

They have been professionally identified as rare 1930s Japanese monkeys.  

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Warm regards

Kerry Lackey


image002   Hello Kerry,

The photos were well received, thank you. Quite a nice set. 

To start with, I collect the three monkeys for almost 40 years and have a collection of almost 4000 different items. Nevertheless I have never seen a set like this before and that is the reason why there is not much I can say about them. If they have been professionally identified as rare 1930s Japanese monkeys, what can I add? 

There obviously are no labels, otherwise you would have mentioned. The only remark I can make in general, is that monkey sets in the hear, see and speak no evil pose do not always come from a factory like that. Quite often people have sewed or pinned the hands of three “neutral” monkeys themselves. Such homemade sets would be less attractive for 3-monkey collectors.  

I hope you will find someone who knows more about your monkeys and wish you good luck.

Comments from readers:

image002  Thank you for your response Emil. My aim is to uncover more background information, including the maker. I am sure that they have always been this way, with the hands pinned in place. The metal of the small pins is exactly the same as the small metal loops I can see around the jointed limbs.

Warm regards


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