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affensymbol3                   Appraisal: 1206-301

Name: Ray Bush

Country: USA

Date: June 3, 2012

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image002  I found a set of the "No Evil" monkeys today at an estate sale. I believe they are letter openers and are made of wood. The people in charge of the estate sale had no information on the set. Any information you could give me, including a valuation or appraisal would be very appreciated. I'd be happy to provide pictures, just let me know where to send them. Thank you.


image002  These letter openers were most probably made in Kenya/Africa or surrounding countries. The model of these monkeys with the long stretched faces is typical for that region. They are very common as figurines and are typical souvenir items for tourists.  However, in the shape as letter openers, they are not so common. Your set may be 25-30 years old and the items were obviously handmade. Because these are single pieces that easily get separated, they are not so easy to find as a complete set.

In our website is a page with incomplete 3-monkey sets (orphans we call them) and there you will find under # ES 037 a similar letter opener, for which the two missing ones are searched for.  The next item on that page is a similar single spoon and also on the same page you will find samples of figurines with the same "long faces".

If auctioned in EBay the set may reach US$ 20-30 or more, when two collectors start fighting over it. That could happen because this set is interesting for two different groups of collectors, 3-monkeys- and letter opener- collectors. But the market has become tough for sellers nowadays and it is very difficult to make predictions. Collecting is no longer "in" for youngsters, so the buyer groups are not growing and also the pockets are not so deep anymore. 

Hope this information is useful to you.


Comments from readers:

image002  Emil, thank you very much for the information. My wife and I found them at an estate sale and thought they were interesting. We love learning about items as we find them. Thank you for the info and your time. Ray


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