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affensymbol3                   Appraisal: 120 412-1

Name: Fiona Conlon

Country: Ireland

Date: April 12, 2012

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image002  Hello Webmaster,
I am hoping you can help me! I have a little figurine of the three monkeys. It was my Granny's and I always was intrigued with it as a child. We think it came from a colleague of my Grandad who left Austria around the time of WW2 but we're not sure. I did see a similar piece on a Discovery Channel documentary about WW2. Have you any ideas?! I'm located in Dublin, Ireland.
Kind Regards,

By the way, it's wooden!


image002  We are quite sure, that your monkeys are not wooden, but ceramic, made in Japan and that these were exported worldwide between 1920s and WWII. You did not specifically ask for a value, but since these monkeys were produced in large quantities they are not at all rare. Such items usually do not obtain a high price, when auctioned. Your monkeys seem to have suffered from some “wear and tear” and that makes them even less interesting for collectors. May we suggest that you treasure them in memory of your Grandmother? 

Greetings to Ireland.

Comments from readers:

image002  On closer inspection. It actually does appear to be a type of ceramic or clay, painted to look like wood!

Kind Regards, Fiona

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