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affensymbol3                   Appraisal: 141-020-1

Name: Sherry Selby

Country: USA

Date: October 20, 2014

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 image002 Please see attached photos of three monkeys that I recently purchased at a yard sale in Weatherford, Texas.  I measured the height and each monkey is approximately 6 inches tall and the bottom of each base is about 2 inches across.  Carved out of wood.  (Not sure what type of wood.)  I purchased the monkeys thinking they were the "three wise monkeys": hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.  But after closer inspection, I realized that one monkey has his hands around his eyes like binoculars and is looking, the one speaking has his hands cupped around his mouth as if yelling and I am not exactly sure what the third monkey is doing ... he is just sitting there with his hands beside his legs.   Lots of fine detail on each monkey with individually carved lines for hair on the body and detail around the eyes and the toes.  The only damage I see is the ear on the monkey who is sitting with his hands by his legs, his ear is chipped :(  Looking forward to hearing from you.  


image002 Thank you for the pictures. It is an interesting set you bought. Monkeys with eyes, ears and mouth open are usually called “contrarians”. They are not as common as the “standard” monkeys that keep ears, eyes and mouth closed.

Your set originally existed of 4 monkeys and the missing monkey is the one with his ears cupped. The fourth monkey doing nothing represents “do no evil”, “have no fun” or “have no sex”.

Your monkeys originate from the Far East. Most likely from Indonesia or Thailand. It is very difficult to give a price indication, because for collectors this is an incomplete set.

I hope that this information is useful to you.

Please let me know that my email has reached you.



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