The Three Wise Monkeys


The rhythm of the rain beats narrowly to my ears,
The power of the storm sends a vehement cloud of sorrow to my heart!
With the power of evil and the power of light in a twist...
What is there to choose from the hay stack?
When all of us know we've been caught in the act,
But life gives you free will and the choice to choose whether to escape or react!
You can either run and be caught later or end up getting herded,
So no matter what it'll end up like a synod!
Hmm...Synod...Council...Arguments, life makes me wonder.

My heart has been sealed,
And just like they say...
The only words that you truly want to be kept secret,
Are those that are not said!
So I must shush my mouth,
I must close my eyes,
I need to collapse my ears...
And shut down my heart,
Like the Three Wise Monkeys!
Mizaru, who sees no evil;
Kikazaru, who hears no evil;
And Iwazaru, Who speaks no evil!
...See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...
But can I truly listen to my own words?
Yet tell others to do so also...
Prosper moments such as the needs of today,
Are what ignite the problems we face on a daily basis.

When the Candle's of Faith are blown out,
When the Cradle of Life stops rocking,
When life as we know it stands at an standstill...
We'll know that it's truly over,
But us...
As humans have we evolved enough to simply let this happen?
Or would we ignore the facts and try to save the day?
If something is meant to happen,
And we tamper with the evidence,
Isn't that us as an whole human race committing the crime of defying destiny?
I know it wouldn't just be you or me,
But that problem would be challengingly forward to cast,
And putting my two cents worth,
Doesn't seem to be worth anything just like today's cash.



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