Three Monkeys


It's so hot here the wind forgets to blow

Shimmering heat waves move in the streets below

In the haze of noon the wind gets lost at sea

Where she blows is a mystery


Yeah it's dangerous and hot in this country

Strangers listenin' on the phone We're in a jam

This thing could blow up in our faces

If they trace us on the lam



Oh down in the land of sugar cane

Waiting on a sign of rain

Mission confidential

See no hear no speak no you know

Silence is the art of keeping

Three monkeys in your heart


It's so hot here the black sand smokes like coal

Sun barbecues your body fries your soul

Raindrops sizzle and pop in the dust of the road

Messages in secret code


Yeah there's beaucoup kinds of heat in this country

And they got soldiers in the streets and urgent telegrams

And people fall in love a lot

Because it's dangerous and hot on the lam


Oh yeah it's strictly need to know

It's coded midnight tango

Because it's dangerous and hot




Recorded on: Michael Smith/Love Stories

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